Beauty Resolutions for 2013


Whether it's as simple as taking off your makeup each night or making sure to moisturize after the shower, by taking a small step in the right direction, you'll build good habits that you can actually keep throughout the year. While we're suggesting this list of great beauty habits to get into the swing of, don't feel obligated to stick to them all. Choose the two or three that hit closest to home for you (ahem, do you only drink three glasses of water a day?) and make the decision to stick with those. By setting realistic goals, you're much more likely to succeed.

Skip A Day In Between Washes: If you're a shampoo addict, 2013 is the year to break the bad habit. By holding out in between washes and using dry shampoo instead, you'll save your hair from the dry winter air and save on shampoo.

Drink 8 Glasses of Water Each Day: Not only does your body function better when you're well hydrated, but your skin gets moisturized from the inside out. Drinking the recommended amount of water every day means fewer chapped lips and hands. We love this bottle because it filters water as you drink it, plus it doesn't waste a plastic water bottle.

Start Exercising Regularly: This doesn't mean spring into beast mode at the gym, it simply means find time to squeeze in 20-30 minutes of movement every day.

Take Off Your Makeup Every Single Night: This one seems obvious, but for some reason, not everyone sticks to it. By leaving your makeup on overnight, dirt and oils stay on your face longer and seep into your pores, causing breakouts and irritated skin. If you don't have time to fully wash your face, at least take a minute to use a makeup remover wipe.

Keep a Better Diet: You don't need to cut out junk food entirely, but if you make better snack choices in between meals, you can save yourself migraines, breakouts, and upset stomachs from too much sugar or salt.

Moisturize Every Day: And do so within 10 minutes of getting out of the shower. During the winter, we're tempted to skip the body lotion because we're all layered up anyway, but it's actually the most important time to keep moisturized.

Use A Face Mask Once A Week: With all of the impurities in the air and products we use on our faces, it's important to give our skin a treat once in a while. We love this mud mask because it's feeding your face good things instead of stripping it down to nothing.