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Mar 27, 2013

I'm waiting.  Just waiting.  Waiting for a warm Nashville spring day.  So far, not much.  I'm waiting to walk/jog at 6:30am without sweats and a heavy coat.  I want to get out in the yard and kick the ground around a little.  Getting new mulch is a dream at this point.  What's up this year?  Tom Petty was right.  "The waiting is the hardest part". 

Feb 1, 2013

Ok, Super Bowl 47, the 49ers and the Ravens.

I predict I will load my plate with two hot dogs, two tubs of nachos, 3 bags of popcorn...Then, there it is at the end of the table.......the veggie tray!!!!!......Uh-oh.....Me and my healthy lifestyle, we are so busted!......So easy to crave then cave on Super Bowl Sunday......side note, never invite your doctor to your Super Bowl party!

Oh, and the game?........Ravens (they have the better defense).




Nov 2, 2010

Another right of passage is happening in my family.  My daughter, Ellie, is in the college selection process.  We have been taking campus tours.  I even made it through one tour without checking out the campus radio station.  Personally, I think it's never a bad day when you're on a college campus.  To me it's exhilarating, gives me hope for the future.  I always learn something when I'm on campus, usually from people much younger than me.  Ellie is just coming to grips with all the things to consider.  Might be Hotty To

Jun 17, 2010

Is it me or is the commercial really weird?  Have you seen it?  Credit scores are treated as animals, complete with fur.  You'll see a woman petting a high credit score like a dog or cat.  Then, you'll see a "credit report control officer"(?) tracking down a low credit score, trying to herd it into the back of a truck!  Well, it creates talk if nothing else.  And, it made me remember the product, which is the mark of an effective ad campaign.  Still, it's very strange.    &nbs