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Nov 26, 2014

Franklin Fire Marshall Andy King explains how to decorate for the holidays safely to avoid fires, as well as how to develop an emergency plan for your family in the event of an accident, how to get free fire alarms, and the best placement for them.

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Nov 17, 2014

Anna discusses the state of Tennessee highways with Heather Jensen from TDOT and Sgt. Bill Miller from Tennessee Highway Patrol. Heather discusses major road projects and their expected finish, as well as some setbacks and how those setbacks are paid for. Sgt. Miller discusses the beginning of deer season, how you should contact the Tennessee Highway Patrol if you do hit a deer and how you can also contact THP to help with any issues you may encounter on the highway such as flat tires, accidents, broken down vehicles and even cases of road rage.

Nov 11, 2014

Anna is joined by Becket Moore from Williamson County Habitat for Humanity. They discuss the process of how a family joins in a partnership with Habitat as well as some misconceptions of the process. They will also discuss the 4000th Habitat home being built and dedicated to a local disabled veteran.

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Nov 11, 2014

Anna discusses the subject of literacy with some representatives from the Nashville Adult Literacy Council and Books From Birth. They talk about the reasons that adults and children get left behind in literacy and what they are doing to help improve the literacy rate in Nashville. Anna also discusses ways you can help these causes by donating or volunteering. 

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Oct 24, 2014

David Cook, UT Agricultural Extension agent for Davidson County, talks about how to spot physical signs of your plants’ health, what grass to plant and how much to water it, the importance of having your soil’s pH tested, proper pruning technique, the right way to apply fertilizer and mulch, and more.  For more information, call 615-862-5995, or check out 

Oct 16, 2014

September is National Preparedness Month, and Mac Purdy, Director of the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency, explains why it's important to have emergency kits prepared for at work, at home, and in the car, and details what exactly needs to be in those kits, such as food, important documents, and first aid supplies.  He also talks about the value of emergency meeting locations for the family, as well as out-of-state points of contact, and how social media is starting to play a role in gathering information during disasters.  For help with your own emergency kit, visit R

Oct 4, 2014

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and so Anna is joined by Scott Ridgway and Samantha Nadler from the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. They will discuss the warning signs of those who might be in danger of being suicidal, such as talking about wanting to commit suicide or previous attempts, as well as steps that people can take to help a person that might be considering suicide. Anna also talks to Samantha, who is a survivor of multiple suicide attempts and now works for the TSPN to help others in need.

Sep 27, 2014

Anna discusses domestic violence with a couple of different guests. First she speaks with Captain Kay Lokey from the Domestic Violence Division of the Nashville Metro Police Department. They discuss the warning signs of domestic violence as well as the steps an abused person can take to improve their situation. Anna then talks to Sarah Martin of the YWCA and they discuss how the YWCA helps women stuck in abusive situations as well as the steps that the YWCA is taking to improve their facilities to give women more incentive to use them in times of need. 

Sep 20, 2014

Anna is joined by Jeannie Vraciu, the President of Assistance League Nashville, and John Midgley, Supervisor of Child and Youth Crisis Services. Anna discusses a couple of very different ways that Assistance League and Child Youth Crisis Services are helping the youth of Nashville. Jeannie and Assistance League are using donations to help clothe and feed the underprivileged children in Metro schools, while John and Child Youth Crisis are helping young people that are experiencing crisis and dealing with different forms of mental illness.

Sep 13, 2014

Anna is joined by Will Connelly from the Metro Homelessness Commission. Will speaks with Anna about people in Nashville who are experiencing homelessness. They discuss reasons as to why someone might end up experiencing homelessness as well as some of the challenges that they might face. In addition, Anna and Will discuss what people who are experiencing homelessness are going through during the hotter part of the year, and how you can help these people even if you don't have any money to give.

Sep 5, 2014

Anna is joined by Joe Bass of Metro Nashville Public Schools. They discuss all of the new changes that parents and students can expect for this school year, such as two free meals at school that are regulated by the USDA for their nutritional value, high school students being able to use their school IDs to ride MTA for free, and customized learning periods for students. He also discusses what is required from your child to attend school, such as proper immunization.

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Sep 5, 2014

Anna is joined by Tammy Algood from the Department of Agriculture. Together they discuss techniques to keep your food fresh, benefits to shopping from local farmers and educational facilities available for children to learn more about food. In addition, they also talk about how the state of Tennessee is divided into three distinct regions and how that is connected to the types of foods that those regions grow.

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Aug 23, 2014

Anna is joined by Dr. Michael Warren, Andrew Pelham, and Kenneth Tallier to discuss many different aspects of safety in the summer heat. They'll discuss why children and pets being locked in cars is so deadly, and why it happens still. They'll also talk about the steps you can take to prevent yourself from forgetting a child or pet in a car, and what you should do if you come across a child or animal that is locked in a hot car.

Aug 12, 2014

Anna speaks with Katherine Calligan, the CEO of the Better Business Bureau. Together they will discuss the summer scams that you need to look out for, how Facebook hackers are using your profile and friends to steal your identity, and how government databases that contain your personal information are hacked often. Katherine also gives helpful tips, such as not to use public wi-fi, or to even have a house computer solely dedicated to doing your online banking so that your information can't be stolen. 

Aug 9, 2014

Anna speaks with Dr. Andrew Gregory about heat and sports safety for children in these remaining summer months. Dr. Gregory will discuss signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as well as steps you can take to be prepared to prevent or act if a child over heats. Dr. Gregory will also discuss how children that play sports don't need to be spending their summer in air conditioning. They need to acclimate their bodies to the heat by being outside and playing at least two weeks before their practices begin.

Aug 2, 2014

Mark Pilkington and Rhonda Allen from Monroe Harding join Anna to discuss the adoption and foster care process for the young people that go through Monroe Harding. Mark shares some success stories of some young men whose lives changed for the better after attending Monroe Harding, as well as the process that these young children go through to live at Monroe Harding and the steps that they take to gain employment or further their education. Rhonda Allen discusses the needs that Monroe Harding has.

Jul 25, 2014

Anna speaks to the Director of Hope Lodge, Sara Bircher. They discuss how the Hope Lodge helps house patients from outside of Davidson County that are fighting cancer so that they don't have to worry about hotel costs as cancer treatment can be very expensive. They also discuss the Hope Lodge's need for volunteers for shuttle driving, phone answering, and even just cooking meals every once in a while. Heather Powell, the Development Director of Ronald McDonald House, will also join Anna to discuss the Ronald McDonald House.

Jul 10, 2014

Rebecca Morris of Metro Animal Care and Control, and Kenneth Tallier of the Nashville Humane Association join Anna Marie to discuss pet adoption. They will discuss the adoption process for animals if you are interested in rescuing a pet, and they will also talk about how you can support your local shelters even if you can't currently adopt a pet. June is also kitten season, and both Becca and Kenneth will discuss how their respective shelters will have specials on cat adoption throughout the whole month.

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Jun 23, 2014

This week, in part one of a two-part special, Sergeant Bill Miller of the Tennessee Highway Patrol will join Anna Marie to discuss their "Drive to Zero" which is a commitment that the highway patrol is making to raise awareness about safe driving in Tennessee, and their goal to reduce traffic fatalities to zero. Sergeant Miller will discuss how the highway patrol no longer calls crashes "accidents" because they believe that crashes can be avoided if drivers focus on their driving and don't get distracted with texting, talking on the phone, or playing on the radio.

Jun 13, 2014

Avery Smith from Little Brothers Shell in Brentwood explains how to tune up your car for summer travel, including proper tire care and maintenance schedule, and Mike Prusinski, a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, talks about the biggest scams being pulled on travelers these days, and how to avoid having your credit card information stolen while on vacation.  Valerie Bass from the TN Beef Industry Council also talks about tips for selecting, preparing, and storing the best meats for your grill this year, and shares tips on making the perfect burger.

Jun 3, 2014

Tommy Farmer, of the TBI's Tennessee Meth and Pharmaceutical Task Force, joins Anna to discuss Tennessee's meth problem. Mr. Farmer will discuss how meth is being made these days which includes a "shake method" that people use to make meth in coke or water bottles. He will also talk about how the common household chemicals used to make meth were not designed to mix with each other, but when they are mixed they create toxic and hazardous chemicals that cause very hot fires and explosions. Mr.

May 29, 2014

Emily Hoskins and Dylan Brown return to speak with Anna about many more subjects with regards to the Center for Independent Living of Middle Tennessee. Amongst the topics that will be discussed will include romance and how it doesn't stop just because someone is disabled. Dylan says that it was the thing that took him the longest to gain his confidence back in after he became a person with a disability. Emily will speak on what we can all do to better help persons with disabilities.

May 19, 2014

In part one of a two-part interview, Dylan Brown and Emily Hoskins from the Center for Independent Living of Middle Tennessee join Anna Marie for Focus. They will discuss a range of topics including challenges that the disabled can face in Nashville every day, such as being able to find transportation and homes that are accessible to them, educating the general public and raising awareness of disabilities, and even the steps that disabled people can go about finding jobs and customizable equipment for the daily use.

May 12, 2014

This week Jamie Berry from Goodwill, and Major Ed Lee and Gerald Brown from the Salvation Army, join Anna Marie to talk about donations, and how it is important this time of the year coming out of the winter season when donations are usually low. Jamie will discuss all of the type of items that Goodwill needs, including items you wouldn't think that you could normally donate. Then Major Ed Lee and Gerald Brown of the Salvation Army will talk to Anna about how the Salvation Army plans to give back this season, and what got both of these men involved in their community.

May 5, 2014

In part two of a two part special, professional organizer Susan Gardner joins Anna to discuss hoarding, and the steps you can take to help someone if you know a hoarder. Susan states that one in every thirty people is a hoarder and that sometimes it isn't always easy to tell who is a hoarder just based on their appearance. She also states that hoarders have a mental block that prevents them from being able to clean or organize, and that most times they don't know how to start.

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