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Mix 92.9 Southern Women's Show Survival Kit

Please share with your friends who are going.

Here are some things to take, and some things to remember, to make your Southern Women's Show experience more fun!  


Best Product Review, Ever

This reminds me how love and appreciation sweetens a life. In my opinion, it's the best product review, ever.

"An Edge for the Older Gardener," June 8, 2002

By "wbjy"

This review is for: Fiskars 9424 Garden Bucket Caddy (Lawn & Patio)


Okay, when you get time, try this today on your favorite video on

Click on the video, let it play through (some don't have to play to the end for this to work, but most do) then hit a NUMBER on your keyboard.

When your allergies get bad...

My allergies are acting up, so I got a new hat. lol.
Have a wonderful, allergy-free day!
Anna Marie

Super Bowl

Ok, Super Bowl 47, the 49ers and the Ravens.

I predict I will load my plate with two hot dogs, two tubs of nachos, 3 bags of popcorn...Then, there it is at the end of the table.......the veggie tray!!!!!......Uh-oh.....Me and my healthy lifestyle, we are so busted!......So easy to crave then cave on Super Bowl Sunday......side note, never invite your doctor to your Super Bowl party!

Oh, and the game?........Ravens (they have the better defense).




Ways You're Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm doing MOST of these!

I like this article because it gives me the explanations behind the behaviors.

As with many articles, maybe there's a nugget of help you can get from this.

Good luck reaching your goals this year.

Anna Marie

Ways to Save your Precious Time

Hey, my friend!
If you're always wishing you had more time, you may find a tip below that can help. Let me know if one works for you!
Anna Marie

Expert Tips for the Best Yard Sale Ever!

If a yard sale or garage sale is in your immediate future, you can use tips from those who've honed it to a fine art, to make the most money ever, and schedule a pickup from a local charity so you don't take those unsold items back into your home or garage.

First, what's the ONE thing that you MUST have to make people stop at your sale?
Furniture! If you don’t have some, ask friends or neighbors if they have some they want to sell.

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