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Ten Tips for Better Mother's Day Photos

by Anna Marie

There are a lot of photos taken over Mother’s Day weekend. Many end up deleted. If you want to take a photo your mom will want to frame, and you can post online, my friend Kacky Fell from Hatcher and Fell Photography in Nashville helped me put together these 10 Tips for Better Mother's Day Photos with your digital camera.

Do Something Nice, and Mix 92.9 Pays!

Since it's FREE, do something nice for someone!

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do? Who would you do something nice for? Everyone you know?
Yeah, me too!

But, you DON'T have tons of extra cash, do you?

That's why I want to remind you of some things that are available -- for FREE-- from Mix 92.9, that you just have to take thirty seconds or so to win for your friends!

My New Baby

I've been so sad, and missing my babies, since my two older cats died this past year.

Gracie, my Calico, died suddenly last December.

Working Together!

So, my friends are using a cleaner that I told them about, and their little girl decided to help. Daddy, Caesar, sent me this photo from his phone, and I had to share.

I was robbed, I tell ya!

I was teamed with Leland Statom from News Channel 5 this weekend at the Tennessee State Fair's Celebrity Cow-Milking Competition.

This cow didn't know what was in store for her.  

Before the competition

See you at the Fair!

I'll be part of the Celebrity Cow Milking Competition tonight (Friday), starting at 6:30, at the Tennessee State Fair. Come cheer me on, and give me tips. I've never even TOUCHED a cow before, much less milked one! Yikes!

My first Titan's Game!

I went to my first Titans game this weekend, saw them beat the Oakland Raiders. I got to experience tail-gating with some friends, too, and all THAT entails! And I took pictures. Here are some highlights.

The Raider and The Titan 

Anna and the Elvii

My friend embarrassed me today...

My friend, Mike Armistead, embarrassed me today.

Oh, not intentionally!

I was at the radio station, and Kim, Clint and I were talking to Mike on the speaker phone, about the upcoming 9/11 tribute event that firefighters from all over the country will come to Nashville to take part in. 

What's at the end of the Rainbow?

Someone finally found the pot at the end of the rainbow.

I always thought it was a pot of  GOLD!

On Epictetus

I've found a new role model: Epictetus.

A fellow who's been dead for a long, long time! 

Here's what Wikipedia says about him:

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