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TONS of Weekend Fun choices!

The largest Pet Adoption Fair in the state is TOMORROW (Sat), at Mars Pet Care in Franklin, 10 to 3. Mix 929's Anna Marie is there along with celebrity guest Barbara Mandrell. We'll have adoptable dogs and cats from at least 30 local shelters. 

Take the kids and your camera for a fun day at Lucky Ladd Farms, south of Nashville.

Come Walk with Us, Nov 2nd!

The Making Strides Walk is Saturday, November 2nd.  Mix 92.9 will be there, please come sign up at and walk with us.
We lost Mariloyce Oliver this year when her cancer came back.

What to Do this Weekend: Oct 4-6, 2013


First, congratulations to everyone who WON CHER TICKETS this week from Mix 929!
   Cher will be at Bridgestone Arena March 31st. Tickets officially go on sale today (Friday) ... at noon.

Letter from a Mom to Girls on Facebook: Must Read!

Dear girls,
I have some information that might interest you. Last night, as we sometimes do, our family sat around the dining-room table and looked through your social media photos.
We have teenage sons, and so naturally there are quite a few pictures of you lovely ladies to wade through. Wow – you sure took a bunch of selfies in your pajamas this summer!  
PLEASE READ THE REST! You'll want to share it!

You are Already Amazing!

This is not my writing. This is an excerpt from Joe Martino's blog, on
It helped me, and I hope it may bring you more peace, as he did for me. Anna Marie

A Powerful Lesson: Do We Cut Ourselves Short? 
by Joe Martino

Some Encouraging News for when you're hurting.

Sunday, July 28, 2013
I just read this story, and it reminded me how the things that hurt us can end up being our greatest messages in life. Whatever you're going through right now, know that you're not alone, and that it'll look different once you're through it.

The Key to Being Happy


Someone posted a quote on Facebook the other day that was a real eye-opener.
It said something like, "For some people life is full of angry, rude, selfish people. For others it's full of happy, kind, loving people. Same life."

We're all living in the same world. Why are some people always talking about the cool experience they just had with someone, and others always complaining about how rude other people are?

It's Okay to Enjoy Your Memorial Day


Although we know that Memorial Day is a day to remember the men and women who’ve died while serving our country, it’s also a rare day off for us so, to be honest, many of us are more excited that it’s a chance to hang out with friends, sleep in, catch up on yard work or get to a shoreline somewhere.

I don’t think you should feel guilty about doing that.

That’s what those men and women died for: your freedom. You have the freedom to either go to a cemetery to put flowers on someone’s grave, or to fire up the grill. 

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