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Tough Trivia!

No answer today!  Tomorrow you can win 8 passes to the Adventure Science Center! 

Q- According to the National Marriage Project, you have a 24% less likely chance to get divorced if you do this.

Hint: You might tell your teenager this if he or she was considering marriage.

It Happened.....again!

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas literally flew...then New Years came and went........and here we are in January!!  When I was taking the decorations off the Christmas tree, I looked at each ornament and thought...we are never promised anything.  Not another year..not another day. We have to slow down and capture that loving, giving spirit we feel at Christmas and pull it forward with us into 2011.   I'll try to remember that as this year flies by!  It's already off and running....! 

Get ready...Get Set....Go!

We're on the run for the next 4 weeks.  Parties, fundraisers, cookie bakes, presents to buy and ship, holiday decorations to do, school performances, gifts for teachers etc,  busy work schedules...this will be me! 

If I start running too fast, please tap me on the shoulder and remind me that this is the season of love, joy, peace and hope....and those things matter more than anything else! :)

Turkey Cupcakes!

turkey cupcakes

These are adorable!   I can't wait to make them! 


Every time the weather turns cool...we start in on the chili.  I fired up the breadmaker last night and made a big loaf of warm wheat bread and a huge pot of turkey chili.  I tend to add a few more different kinds of beans ...but this recipe is a good starter.  Great comfort food is one of the good things about fall!

Candy Coma

We went trick- or- treating with some friends who live in Westhaven.  These people know how to do Halloween!!!!  Lots of cool decorations and tons of candy.  The kids have a blast and everyone ends up with bags full of treats.   I'm not sure how much candy the residents buy...but it's a lot.  We'll be eating snickers bars til next year so if you need a chocolate know who to call! :) 

tacky but fun!

We just got back from a short weekend trip to the mountains.  (Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge)  I am always amazed at how much new stuff there is when we go!  It's like the strip just keeps exploding outward.  Three lanes of traffic crawled toward the mountains past every kind of gift shop, junk shop, broken down parts store, Christmas shop, outlet, Elvis get the idea.  Once you figure out what you want to tackle, it's actually lots of fun.  We only had one day and we have an 11 year old...that makes it easy.  We went

Help with Pumpkins!

I recently looked at all the punpkins we have accumulated at the house and realized....we better figure out something to bake here!  That's when I stumbled on this little gem.  Pumpkins will not go to waste!

Fall Cooking!

This change in weather has really brought out my desire to cook!  Home baked bread...delilcious chili, chocolate chip cookie bars...our house smells great and the comfort food is rollin!  (We'll just have to watch the waistlines though.....)  

Pretty Cool!

Sunday, we went and checked out the Equestrian Vaulters from around the world....right here in our own backyard!  Teams from Columbia, Australia, Canada and the US were preparing for the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky this week.  They were based right here in Middle Tennessee in Williamson County!  it was an amazing sight to see.   Good luck to our guys....Go USA!  :)

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