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A True Gentleman

Don't you love it when someone famous does something that you and your kids can admire? There are so many celebrities that behave badly...  when you see a story like this one it is a ray of sunshine.  Nice going Tim McGraw!

Celeb weekend

Carrie sneaks off to the Ritz to get married...Jimmy blasts BP in the new version of Margaritaville and Mel goes nuts.  No shortage of stuff to entertain us today!


Last weekend was fabulous!  Family, fireworks and great food...all the stuff you want for a long holiday weekend. Everything was great until 11:30 when it was time to let Luna and Zoe, our two dogs, out before bed.  Luna tore off into the flower bed and re-emerged snorting and squinting and throwing herself in the grass.  Yes...a skunk.  This is the first time I've had to deal with bathing a dog that had been peppered.  Not fun!  Lots of baths later...we're getting there.  Next holiday please!   

4th of July!

Yeah!  A long holiday weekend :)  We're having family over for a big cookout and then some fireworks.  I'm thinking BBQ, lots of fruit and potato salad and maybe some homemade cookies.  Everything just tastes better in the summer......not sure why that is... but just love that grilled flavor.  Here's a link to some recipes  for the 4th!     Hope you and your family have a great holiday weekend.  Be safe...!  

Fried Already?

Mid June and a week in the 90's...I can't take it....I'm a wimp.  We run out at night with the hose and water everything that's wilted.  Hmmm...maybe my next vacation could be in Canada....very nice this time of year!  I was up in Toronto one July and the high was in the 50's.  OK...that was a little uncomfortable with shorts on as the ferry departed for Toronto Island...but it sure was a nice break from 95 degrees!  

Vacation rocks


A little vacation is just what we all need.  Our family went to sunny Hilton Head and enjoyed a week of doing basically nothing.  Nothing is good.  No scheduled activites at all...sleep as long as you want, eat whenever you want, swim...ride bikes, read a book...or just dolphin watch!  These guys were swimming along right next to the shoreline.  I freaked out and almost wrecked my bike taking this picture :)  Yep.......I could get used to this vacation thing!


Pictures we took at the beach!



I love the birds at the beach!

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