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This Homecoming Queen Kicks Butt!!!

How cool would it be to be crowned Homecoming Queen and actually be one of the football players in the same game? Well, meet, Mary Kate Smith! She's both and she's awesome! Click the pic and enjoy the rest of her story!

Photo courtesy of Mary Kate Smith

Disney Creates FROZEN Wedding Dress [PIC]

And if you’re planning your wedding right now and just happened to be a fan of the movie "Frozen", I may have found your wedding dress! Nope! I’m not kidding! Disney Weddings announced today that they have partnered with Alfred Angelo Bridal to create a Frozen wedding dress. If you are interested, this fairy tale wedding dress will be available in 2015, but if you’re not, then just let it go, let it go… oh, sorry!

Sully the Saint Bernard - Being Needy! Cute!

Click the pic and just enjoy abother cute anumal vid!


Prank: High Fiving People Hailing Cabs in New York [VIDEO]

This is actually pretty cool! It’s a prank video of a guy high fiving folks in New York as they hold up their hand calling for a taxi cab. I found it quite funny and entertaining and why not check it out as you’re on your computer or tablet tonight scouting out cute cat videos. Click the pic and enjoy the cid!

9 Tricks for Getting Your Picky Eater Husband to Eat Dinner!

And I’ll admit I can be a picky eater sometimes, which honestly gets me nowhere with my wife! You may have a picky hubby as well. So, I have for you the 9 tricks for getting your picky eater husband to eat dinner. Read below and see if this helps!

Man Fakes an Entire Wedding to Stage His Proposal to Girlfriend [VIDEO]

Talk about elaborate! Jack Bermeo staged an entire wedding, complete with friends, family, actors, and even seating arrangements — to set the stage for an epic proposal. He made his girlfriend, Sophia, believe that they were attending a wedding for his friends, but he had other plans for the night. Click the pic and see this awesome vid!

Photo and video provided by: MPW Media Group at

Tennis legend Andre Agassi builds charter school in Nashville!

And this guy was my favorite tennis player back in the day and I love what he’s doing for our kids now! Remember Andre Agassi? Well, I found out that he has invested time and money to build a charter school in northeast Nashville! Andre was an 8th grade dropout, which motivates him to make sure all kids are well educated. Click the pic and see more courtesy of Nashville's News 2!

Little Girl Freaks Out After Dad Shaves His Beard!

A prank that backfired on dad! Click the pic and see!


5 Must-Have Apps for Every Bride-to-Be!

Avoid becoming a Bridezilla with these wedding planning apps that will help with every detail from budget management to finding your perfect dress.

1) Pronovias

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