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Preview Katy Perry's PRISM Jewelry Collection for Claire's [PICS]

I have a little sneak peak of Katy Perry's PRISM jewelry collection for Claire's that will debut to coincide with the start of Katy’s Prismatic World Tour in May 2014 and latest album PRISM! It will launch in Claire’s stores worldwide and at in May with the collaboration continuing through 2016! Click the pic and get a look and all the info!

4-year-old with cerebral palsy takes first steps as flower girl!

Now, this is awesome! Let me introduce you to Isabella. Isabella is 4 years old and she’s a very special kid. Well, Isabella, with the help from her dad took her very first steps this past weekend as a flower girl in a wedding. You see, Isabella has cerebral palsy and doesn’t have use of her legs. She was helped by one of those harnesses that is strapped to an adult and the child to help them walk. Click the link and get the full story thanks to Nashville's News 2!

Top 10 Worst Easter Candies!

 I’ll let you be the judge, but I have the 10 worst Easter candies!



10. Cadbury Creme Egg
I'm going out on a limb here and proclaiming that Cadbury Creme Eggs are some of the worst candies out there, though I know many would argue the opposite. Allow me to explain.

Marilyn Monroe Earrings Auctioned for $185,000 [PIC]

A pair of rhinestone earrings Marilyn Monroe wore to a 1955 Hollywood film premiere have sold at auction! Yep,  Julien's Auctions said that the actress wore the jewelry when she attended the opening of "The Rose Tattoo, which she did appear in! So, how much did the ear rings go for? $185 thousand!

Flight Attendant's Hilarious Safety Instruction Video!

And this is too funny! If you’ve flown on a commercial flight, then you got to sit through the required and rather boring safety check put on by your flight attendant. Well, this flight attendant wasn’t boring, but in fact funny, when going thought her instructions. Click the link and get ready for a chuckle or two!


Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs!

And you might enjoy doing this, especially with your kids, grand kids, nieces and nephews! I’m talking about homemade Cadbury Egg!?! You can do it and I can help! Click this pic and check out the recipe courtesy of!


11 Weirdest Hollywood Firings!

1. Tom Cruise went the opposite way, firing his publicist in favor of a family member—in his case, he gave his Scientologist sister the job. But just eight months later, his sister resigned and he hired a new publicist.

Puppy found in trash at Dickson County landfill!

Well, I’m glad the puppy is alright! Talking a puppy named Midas! He was found at a Dickson County landfill this past Friday! The workers heard a faint cry, checked it out, and saved Midas who was suffering from hunger, and a few injuries. Thanks to Nashville's News 2 and Last Chance Pet Rescue for the info! Click this cute pic and enjoy the story!

This Ritz-Carlton $100 Gilded Grilled Cheese Might Actually Be Worth It [PICS]

Well, April is National Grilled Cheese month and we just celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day! Well in honor of that, I give you the $100 dollar Gilded Grilled Cheese sandwich courtesy of the Deca Restaurant and Bar at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in downtown Chicago. I have to admit this one might be worth it. It truly looks delicious and I have the link to the complete story! Click the pic and get the link!

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