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Prince George's Christmas Sweater Vest Is Already Sold Out!

This is the cutest thing and I’m not surprised that it’s already sold out! Talking about Will and Kate’s little boy, Prince George and his cool looking Royal Guards sweater vest over his long sleeve collared shirt! He looks adorable and everyone wants that sweater vest, but it’s sold out. If you can get your hands on one, it’s 27 bucks, but for now, here's the vest. Click on it to see Prince George looking dapper in his outfit!

Girl Asks The Pentagon About Tracking Santa!

My kids are so stoked about tracking Santa this year. We have our laptop all ready to track him on Christmas Eve night! Well, this little girl was able to get confirmation from the Pentagon that they are ready to track Santa and will do so through Norad! Click the pic, enjoy the vid, and Merry Christmas!


6 Things NOT to Buy Before Christmas!

Just a few more shopping days till Christmas and while the shopping rush is on, there are a few things you should wait to buy until after the holidays because the prices will wind up being a whole lot cheaper. Like:


Taylor Swift Celebrates 25th Birthday With Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, & More Celebs [PICS]

It’s a bit belated, but a big happy 25th Birthday to Taylor Swift. She turned the big 25 this past Friday and partied with JayZ, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith and many others! Enjoy the pics!

Drone Captures Amazing Synchronized Christmas Lights [VIDEOS]

This is amazing! I found a video where most of a neighborhood has synchronized Christmas lights and an aerial shot catches the group of lights synchronized to Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”! Truly awesome and click the pic to see it for yourself!


Most guys will do anything for competition! Well, how about Extreme Barbie Jeep racing! It’s a thing and in a video we see grown dudes sitting in the pink, plastic motorized Barbie Jeeps, racing down a dirt hill. It’s quite funny and even entertaining! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

4 Ways to Keep the Holiday Magic Alive for Older Kids!

As the kids get older, it can be a little tough and even awkward at Christmas. So, I came across 4 ways to keep the holiday magic alive for the older kids. Like:

4-Year-Old Paper Fashion Designer Gets Her Own J.Crew Collection [PICS]

This is quite the aspiring designer! Her name is Mayhem! Yes, Mayhem and she and her mother, Angie teamed up to create Fashion by Mayhem who turned leftover construction paper into high fashion inspired gowns! Well the children’s division at J. Crew’s and Crewcuts took notice and are turning those paper creations into fabric fashions and it’s quite cool! Click the pic to see more!

Photo by J.Crew

Police Pull Drivers Over, Give Them Gifts Instead of Tickets [VIDEO]

With all the bad in the world, it’s good to see folks doing good! Particularly, our police. Well, cops in Lowell Michigan, with the help of UPtv, brought some smiles to the faces of Christmas shoppers by pulling them over, making them think they’ve committed a traffic violation, and then keep them there long enough to surprise them with Christmas gifts. This is so awesome! Click the pic, enjy this vid, and Merry Christmas from Mix 929!

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS!

Every year, my family and I always catch “A Charlie Brown Christmas”! And I found it amazing how much I didn’t know about the show! Stuff like:

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