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Brian Williams Somehow Kept a Straight Face While Reporting His Daughter Being Cast as Peter Pan [VIDEO]

This is cute. NBC news anchor, Brian Williams was giving a story about the casting for the live production of Peter Pan to air on NBC in December and with a straight face, he mentions his daughter, Alison Williams being picked to play Peter Pan. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Alicia Keys Announces Pregnancy with Bump Photo [PIC]

Congrats to Alicia Keys and hubby, Kasseem Dean! They’re expecting their second child and announced it on Instagram and at their wedding anniversary, which was this past Thursday! Nice!

Alicia Keys Pregnant Expecting Second Child Swizz Beatz

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb: Trailer

If you and the family happen to be fans of the Night at The Museum movies, well, we have a new one called: Secret of the Tomb and the trailer for it looks good! We love these movies, so we’re looking forward to his one. It hits theatres December 19th and you can click the pic and enjoy the trailer!




13 Moms You Meet at the Grocery Store!

You might find yourself in this, but here are 13 moms you meet at the grocery store! Moms like: The Stealth shopper, the coupon queen, the sampler or how about the reader. Go ahead and see if you’ve met any of these moms or you’re one of them yourself!

1. The Stealth Shopper

She has a list in her hand, knows the lay of the land, and is set on getting in and out in record time. In fact, check her phone, and she may have her timer set to see if she can beat her last trip through the store.


2. The Oblivious Mom

OneRepublic Fan Goes to Concert After Spending First 12 Years of Life in Hospital!

Imagine your first time doing something really special, like going to a concert. Well, it was a very special time when this girl went to her first concert. Let me introduce you to Torren! She has spent 12 of her 13 years on this planet stuck in a hospital room with a serious respiratory problem. Well, for the first time ever, she got to go and enjoy her favorite band, One Republic in concert and it was awesome. I have a video about Torren, but I warn you, get some tissue. Click the pic and see the vid.

Magic! "RUDE Cover (The Dad's Side of the Story)" by Benji and Jenna Cowart

Click the pic and enjoy this vid! Dare you not to laugh!


10 Reasons You Still Need a Travel Agent!

Since you can book your own vacations and trips yourself online, I really didn’t think there was any need for travel agents anymore, but after I came across this cool read, I can now see why there is! I found10 reasons why you still need a travel agent and they make great sense!

1) They Are Educated and Have Personal Experience


A new teaser trailer for Hunger Games: MockingJay has been released! Click the pic to see the vid and when you see the old abandoned warehouses, those were in my home town of Griffin GA, where they shot a lot of the film! Enjoy!

Essie Nail Polish is Coming to a Vending Machine Near You!

It seems there are vending machines for just about everything and that now includes nail polish! Yep! Essie Nail Polish is putting out vending machines they call their color boutiques in malls and airports across the country. It sports 48 shades, plus six shades of seasonal, so you can grab a color and swipe a coat on the go.

11 Love Songs We'd Rather Dedicate to Food [PICS]

Hey, John Legend. We heard you wrote "All Of Me" for your supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen, but we know what those lyrics are really about: donuts.

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