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Point-Of-View Video Of World’s Tallest Water Slide Is Intense [VIDEO]

Summertime and nothing like the mighty waterslide! And this waterslide is mighty! It’s the world’s tallest waterslide and you can actually take a ride on it right now! I’ve got the video this waterslide, it’s awesome, and I hope to take a real ride on this one some time. Click the pic and enjoy the thrills!


Don't Do This at Home: When Fireworks Go Wrong [VIDEO]

I love shooting off fireworks from our front yard and we always practice safety first, but that wasn’t the case in this collection of 4th of July videos. Some accidental, but most of these are folks just acting stupid. If you want to see what not to do when shooting fireworks, click the pic and enjoy the vid!

8 Little Things Happily Married Couples Do Every Day!

Here are 8 little tips to improve your marriage.

5-Year-Old Girl Films Her First Action Movie; It Rocks [VIDEO]

5 year old Grace Kirby could be an awesome action movie director when she grows up. In fact, she’s already on her way and this is so cute. Grace put together a short little action film and I have to say that it ROCKS and she’s adorable! click the pic and enjoy her vid!

Happy Birthday Sony Walkman!!!

Happy 35th birthday to the Sony Walkman! That wonderful portable cassette player with headphones that you could take anywhere! Yeah! Sony introduced the Walkman in the 80s and my life was changed forever! In case you need an education or just to reminisce a bit, click the pic and see a bit of history!


Guys Make Slip 'N Slide That Launches You Off A 50-Foot Cliff, Win Summer [VIDEO]

Do you remember Slip & Slide? Yeah, I’m looking at getting one for my kids, but how about a slip and slide off of a 50 foot cliff?!? Well, not me either, but some diving professionals managed to create a slip and slide that takes them off of a 50 foot cliff and of course I have video proof. No trying this at home, but do have some fun watching with the kids! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Darth Vader Rolling Luggage - Star Wars

This is pretty cool! For your next trip with the family, that Star Wars lover might enjoy using Darth Vader rolling luggage! It’s a cool looking suit case with some neat little features! Click this pic and see more!

Darth Vader Rolling Luggage - Star Wars

The 9 Most Influential TV Shows of All Time!

Me and the family have our share of TV shows we DVR, watch later, and enjoy, which is why I’m glad I came across the 9 most influential shows of all time and some of them make my list like: The Tonight Show and SNL. Well, why don’t you see how your list of favorite TV shows match up!

Kansas Boy Forced to Remove Little Free Library From His Yard!

You may have heard of those little free libraries where you take a book and leave a book. Well, Spencer Collins decided to build his own little free library and did so with help from his granddad! Spencer is 9, has a real love for reading and sharing his love with neighbors just thrills him. But, get this…His hometown shut him down saying it is illegal to have his little free library in his yard! Well, I have to say, I understand rules and following them, but just one question… what’s the real harm in what he’s doing?!? Click the pic and see more on this!

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