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Dad and Daughter Rock it!

Click the pic and enjoy!!!

Awesome Dad Does Cowboy Twerk with Daughter [VIDEO]

I never grow tired of those cute daddy, daughter moments and this on beats hem all! Dad comes home to find his little girl dancing in the driveway! What does he do? He joins in and what an awesome moment as they rock the front yard! A moment neither one of them will not forget. Click the pic and enjoy this awesome vid!

10 Things Women Expect Men to Know How To Do

To make wopmen swoon or at least not cringe, you’d better be able to handle the following…

Queen Elizabeth Photobombs Women's Field Hockey Players [PIC]

This is pretty cool! Queen Elizabeth II was at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in Scotland (like the Olympics but smaller) ... when she snuck up on a selfie being taken by 2 female hockey players from Australia. Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris immediately knew they snapped gold and posted the pic to Instagram with the caption, "Aaaahhh the Queen photo-bombed our selfie! #royalty #queenie #onceinalifetime Love it!


A Huge Help During Sandal Season!

Of course, we’re right in the middle of sandal season and I came across a neat help in keeping your feet clean and callous free! It’s called the “Foot Mate” that you use in the shower! It’s pretty cool and very convenient for a good scrubbing up! Click the pic to enjoy a video and more info!

Darth Vader Is Polling Higher Than ALL Potential 2016 Prez Candidates!

which movie villain is polling higher than all the potential 2016 presidential candidates? Yes! Darth Vader! A close second is Hillary Clinton run second to Darth and I took this from a general poll that pits Star Wars characters against our government See below and may the Force be with YOU!

Poll courtesy of Five Thirty-Eight


Dear Santa...

After seeing this, I’ve officially started my Dear Santa list! I want this cool new Someone got the bright idea to create a foot hammock and you connect it under your desk and simply prop up your tired feet and relax! So, it’s on my gift list for me! Click the pic and check out this awesome invention!


Pros and Cons: Lightning-Bolt Love or Slow-Building Relationship?

Is your ideal relationship more like Mindy and Danny’s or Big and Carrie’s? What I'm basically asking is whether you're a fan of what I call slow-burn love or if you’re more of the lightning-bolt variety. I'll explain...

Harvard Students Invent Microwaveable Spray Cake in a Can [VIDEO]

Anything to make me look good in the kitchen is a plus like this invention by Harvard student, John McCallum, who has invented spray cake in a can! It works like whipped cream. You spray however much you want in a pan, microwave it for 60 seconds and voila! The families’ eating cake that you made! The spray cake will be available to us ASAP and I’ll be the first in line buying it! Click the pic and enjoy the video!

Custom Toasters Can Toast a Selfie on Bread [PICS]

If you are really into selfies, then why not try your selfie on toast! Yes, there is such a thing! You can now have a custom selfie toaster courtesy of the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation! They make toasters that can actually toast the image of your face right into the bread. Click the pic below and get more info. Great party favor!

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