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10 Ways Halloween Has Changed!

Halloween has changed a good bit since I was a kid. How about you? Well, I found 10 ways Halloween has changed! Check it out and campare notes!

Courtesy of CTV News

1. Decor overload

Amazing Halloween House

Goliath Bird Eating Spider! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (Creepy laugh here)

I’ve never see tarantula as big and as creep as this! So, in our countdown to Halloween, we’ll definitely out this on our “Creepy” list! It’s a Goliath Bird Eating Spider and I actually have video of this spider that actually eats mice, frogs, lizards, and yes, birds! Click the pic and see the creepy vid, if you dare...

Video courtesy of Deadly 60

Taylor Swift and Chef Jamie Oliver 'Bake It Off' in Stand Up to Cancer Sketch [VIDEO]

You may have heard of Celebrity Chef, Jaime Oliver! Well, he and Taylor Swift had fun doing yet, another parody of Taylor’s tune called “Bake it Off”! They were creating awareness for Stand Up To Cancer or SUTC UK, which funds scientists and nurses to help beat cancer sooner and provide resources to the public! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

10 Halloween Pranks Covered by Car Insurance!

GOOD NEWS!!! I found out that Halloween pranks are covered on your car insurance. In fact 10 of them! Like, an egged vehicle, busted window, sugar in gas tank, slashed tires, and more! So good to know since Halloween is the biggest prank day of the year next to my uncle Randy coming to town! See more when you click the pic!

Photo courtesy of Associated Press

12 Celebs Who Look Exactly Like Their Famous Parents!

It’s always interesting to see someone with their parents and size up their resemblance! Well, this really cool! The 12 celebs who look exactly like their parents. Got the video featuring Angelina Jolie and her dad, John Voight, John and Jason Ritter, and many others! Click the pic and enjoy the resemblance!

Photo and video courtesy of Buzz Feed

Quality Breakdancing Time with Dad!

It’s another cute kid video alert. I found some footage of a toddler sharing some serious breakdancing time dear old dad and what the kid lacks in ability, he makes of for in enthusiasm! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!



Iowa police pull over couple for speeding while wife in labor!

If you’re a mom, you know that when it’s time to have your baby, that baby is coming whether you’re ready or not, right? Well, Ben and Rachel Kohnen quickly hit the highway heading to the hospital to have their 4th child and had to speed to do so. Well, they were running 30 miles over the limit when the police fell in behind them trying to pull them over. Well, it all turned into quite an adventure between the cops, 911 dispatch, and Ben and Rachel. Click the pic and get the rest of the story!

10 Things Women Want From the Men They're Dating!

I haven’t been in the dating scene for a while, but I have friends that are still dating and I’m sure still wondering what exactly women want from the man they're dating! Well, I came across this from Huff Post Women. It's a good read. Enjoy!

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