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Skydiver Drops 5000 Feet Onto Giant Waterslide [VIDEO]

This is amazing, but very dangerous! It’s a very well trained skydiver, who perfectly lands onto a giant slip and slide and it’s really cool. Talk about your summer fun! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


BIG HERO 6: First Trailer for Disney Flick Debuts [VIDEO]

My wife and saw this trailer at the movies recently and it looks funny! The movie is Big Hero 6 by Disney and I thought you might want to gather the family around your PC or tablet and give them a good laugh. I’m looking forward to this movie and to see the trailer, click the pic and enjoy!

Three 12-year-olds catch a 692-pound shark in Sarasota!

And I love to fish, especially with my kids. Well, I heard about 3 twelve year old boys who caught a fish and of course, the reaction is… awe, that’s cute. Good for them and then you find out their catch was a 692 pound shark! Yep! On a vacation in Sarasota Florida is where it happen! Click the pic and enjoy the story thanks to WKRN!


Drunk Squirrel Had Too Many Fermented Pumpkins!

Have a LAUGH!!! Click the pic and enjoy!




So, Eight-year-old Dylan put up a sign on his front lawn to invite the public to his free piano concert recently. His neighbor and fellow musician Tommy saw the sign and posted it on Facebook to help promote the event, saying "Wouldn't it be cool if a bunch of people showed up for his free concert?" Well, to Dylan’s surprise, the Facebook event went viral and hundreds showed up for the concert - in the rain. Check out these pics!

Justin Timberlake sends limo, front-row concert tickets to Long Island boy with rare disease!

See the cool thing Justin Timerlake did for this boy and his family! Awesome! Click the pic and enjoy the story!

STUDY: 10 States With the Worst Drivers!

Road rage, careless driving, swerving cars: these may all be things you encounter during your normal commute. And the thought “This state has got to have the worst drivers!” may cross your mind from time to time.

50 Loving Sentiments We Should All Say More Often...

All too often, we take the people we love the most for granted: our lovers, family members, friends, and even our children. We forget the enormous power of our words, as we carelessly lash out when under stress. We stick our noses in our laptops and smartphones, assuming our loved ones know what we are failing to verbalize, sometimes until the relationships are disconnected or damaged beyond repair.

Brooklyn Eighth-Graders Get Sony Record Deal!

When school starts back, I’m sure kids will be writing essays and having class discussions about what they did over the summer. Well, I’d love to see the teacher and classmates faces when Malcolm Brickhouse, Alec Atkins, and Jarad Dawkins share their stories! Great story! Click the pic and see more!

Paramore Concert Interrupted by a Skunk [VIDEO]

I call this piece-“Paramore Verses the Skunk”! Yeah! Recently while in concert, singer Hayley Williams and the band started up a tune, when they had to stop because of some commotion in the crowd thanks to a skunk! Click the pic and fast forward the video to about 1:30 and enjoy!

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