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Top 10 Qualities of Extremely Successful People!

I really like this. I think it’s safe to say you and I want to be successful people! Well, maybe this can rub off on us. It’s the 10 qualities of extremely successful people! Enjoy!

1. Drive

You have the determination to work harder than most and make sure things get done. You pride yourself on seeing things getting completed and you can take charge when necessary. You drive yourself with purpose and align yourself with excellence.

5 to Try: Nashville's dreamiest ice cream sandwiches!

I found this on The Tennessean’s web page! It’s the top 5 ice cream sandwiches in Nashville and who doesn’t like a really good ice cream sandwich?!? They look delicious and will probably get you craving a sandwich or two for yourself! Click the pic to enjoy the link and thanks to The Tennessean for the delicious pics!

Watch These People Try to Shove a Gigantic Sofa into a Very Tiny Car [VIDEO]

I have to tell my family and I have moved a lot and at times in. Well in all our moving adventures, I never recalled trying to fit a giant sofa into a very small vehicle. But, that’s what this family is attempting to do and while it’s humorous, I find it more fascinating! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Raises $8.6 Million in a Single Day/Titans Very Cool Challenge!

This past Tuesday, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge brought in a single day total of $8.6 Million bucks!  And what’s even cooler is how our very own Tenn. Titans did their Ice Bucket Challenge! They accepted the challenge from former linebacker Tim Shaw how, of course is courageously battling ALS and dumped their buckets in honor of him! Click the pic, enjoy the vid, and GO TITANS!!!

10 Habits of Truly Happy Couples!

1. They get into bed at the same time.
Remember when you first started dating and you never stayed in the living room watching TV while he went to bed? Well, sleeping at the same time is necessary to maintain. When you go to bed together, you’re making sure you’re on the same page. Even if sex isn’t in the picture every night, getting into bed at the same time shows that you’re putting in effort to end the day together.

Tom Hanks' New Typewriter App Is a Huge Hit!

I truly believe everything Tom Hanks touches turns to gold! Have you heard about his latest thing? Well, Tom has successfully crested a type writer app for the iPad and it functions exactly like a typewriter with all the clings, clacks, and pangs of an old school typewriter! Click the pic and enjoy the full story!

World’s Worst TV Commercial EVER!!!

You’ll either laugh or just sit there in shock, but I think I found the absolute worst local TV commercial EVER!!! Thankfully, it’s not out of Nashville, but it really stinks! Click the pic and see it for yourself!


10 Reasons Why a Workout Buddy Will Keep You on Track!

You and I can always come up with reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t work out and live healthier! Which is why I think it might just be important to have a workout buddy. Got the reasons below! Enjoy!

1. Create a long-lasting support system.

Dashcam captures trucker saving woman, baby from fiery crash!

A big salute to hero David Fredrickson! He managed to save a woman and her baby from a fiery crash in Mississippi! David and his coworker came up on the crash, he got out with a fire extinguisher and headed to put out the fire and managed to get mom and baby out with just some minor injuries. Click the pic and see the dashcam vid!


Lady Gaga Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Adele to Join Her!

I’ve got to tip my hat to all who have and are participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge including Lady Gaga! In fancy and strange Gaga fashion, she dumped ice water on her head without saying a word and then challenged Adele to participate for the cause! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

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