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Father creates special 'Iron Man' costume for sick infant!

Talk about cool! Let's go back to Halloween and introduce you to Eric Hart’s family. Eric’s newborn son has been sick in the hospital and so, Eric decides to make his infant son a Halloween costume! Click the pic below and check out this awesome story!

Photo courtesy of You Tube

Courtesy: YouTube

Fall Finale Dates Revealed: When Are Your Favorite Shows Ending?


Here’s spoiler alert of sorts! I got some info on your favorite show finales and the actual finale dates from ABC, the CW and FX. See bleow:


Castle: Monday, Dec. 8 at 10 pm

Grey's Anatomy: Thursday, Nov. 20 at 8 pm

How to Get Away With Murder: Thursday, Nov. 20 at 10 pm

Boyfriend Gives Girlfriend Handmade Armoire Filled With an Engagement Ring!

I love those creative marriage proposals and I think this guy did a great job! Let me introduce you to Blake Bulger and his girlfriend, Carlene Stene! Click the pic and enjoy this vid!

Photo and video provided by ABC News


National Men Make Dinner Day!

Today , November 6th is National Men Make Dinner Day and here are some recipes your man might like to follow to make you something nice! Click teh banner below and enjoy the list!



7 Old-School Dating Habits We Wish Men Would Bring Back!

I think this way of thinking goes back to men being gentlemen and chivalrous. But, I came across what looks to be a survey from women about old school dating habits they wish men would bring back:

2014 National Toy Hall of Fame Finalists!

I bet you may have played with some of these toys before like Rubik’s Cube, the game Operation, Slip N Slide, or you bought you a container and blew a few bubbles! Well, these and other toys are finalists to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame! Gather the kids, click the pic, and see the complete list!

Photo courtesy of Strong's National Museum of Play

5 Tips to Lower Stress This Holiday Season!

Probably the biggest thing I deal with around the holidays is stress and that shouldn’t be! So, I did a search for help and found 5 tips to lower stress like: Enjoy!

1. Budget your spending

Make a plan for how much you're willing to spend on what during the holidays, and stick to it. This should relieve the stress of overspending.

Stores Closed on Turkey Day!!!

If you’re one of the ones who loves to hit the stores on Thanksgiving as well as Black Friday well, you might want to make sure who’s open and who’s not! I came across a pretty long list of stores that won’t be selling you anything on Turkey Day like!

Courtesy of HLN

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