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National Pizza Month: 7 Pizza Myths, Busted!

I want to wish you a Great Big Happy National Pizza Month and share some cool info about pizza! I call it the 7 pizza myths!

Katy Perry's Childhood Love Letters Up for Auction [PIC]

Would you buy Katy Perry’s old love letters from when she was a kid? Well, they’re for sale! Yeah! Julien’s Auctions are holding a sale of celebrity memorabilia sale called Icons and Idols: Rock 'n Roll, and among the stuff are Katy's letters, which she wrote back when she was still Katy Hudson to a boy named Christopher. They met at camp. Enjoy the letter! :)

Courtesy of Katy Perry


Do you remember when we were kids, there was all this talk about flying cars in the future and I always thought how cool that would be! Well, now a company called Aeromobil says it’s coming. The Aeromobil 3.0 transforms from plane to car by folding its wings behind the cockpit and despite all of the extra bodywork, the Aeromobil will supposedly fit in a standard parking space, and run on premium pump gas. Grab the kids and enjoy these pics!

Photos courtesy of Aeromobil


$4000 Toothbrush Exists!!!

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all they come out with this! Introducing a new toothbrush! Yep! A new toothbrush and you’re thinking, wow! Big deal! So, it’s a new toothbrush! So what! Well, this toothbrush will cost you $4,000.00! It’s the Reinest Luxury toothbrush with an elegant design, but no extra features. And I’m thinking, if I pay that much for a toothbrush, it better be gold plated and come with it’s own dentist with an assistant to actually do the brushing! Click the pic and judge for yourself!

Nashville Public Library is Rockin' the Library Cards!

This is so fun! Take a listen! The Nashville Public Library made a parody of Meghan Trainor's “All About That Bass,” as seen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Their tune is “All About the Books”! So well done! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Courtesy of YouTube

Courtesy: YouTube

Katy Perry's Guest Segment on COLLEGE GAMEDAY Was Super Awkward!

A Great Big WOW to Katy Perry and her guest appearance on ESPN’s College Game Day! Yeah! This past Saturday, Katy served as a guest picker with the College Game Day panel and you could tell just how awkward the segment was! Feel the embarrassment for yourself by clicking the pic!

Courtesy of ESPN College Game Day

No Pockets? No Purse? No Problem! New Ways to Carry Your Phone!

I normally don’t have any issue with where to keep my cell phone. Usually in my front pocket, but in case you don't have it as easy, I found new ways to carry your phone, thanks to Yahoo Tech! Click HERE or the pic to enjoy the article!

Courtesy of Yahoo Tech

Americans Spending More on Snacks, Less on Actual Food!

I’m sure, like me, you like to snacking. Well, we’re becoming a nation of snackers! In fact, we’re spending more on snacks and less on real good and when the holidays roll around, that doesn’t help matters either! Yes! I admit I like my Snickers bars and Oreo Cookies. See below!


Autistic Girl, 5, Sells Paintings for Thousands [PICS]

Let me introduce you to Iris Grace Halmshaw! She’s 5 years old and paints abstract art like some pro artist and what caught me was Iris Grace is autistic! Yes. She’s completing these paintings and selling them for thousands of dollars! She is truly gifted and her work will absolutely amaze you!

Iris Grace: Five-year-old artist

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