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See Rihanna, Michael Jackson & More Celebrity Portraits Made Out of Cereal!

I would imagine you’ve seen your favorite artists immortalized in many different ways like on a cake or sculpted out of chocolate, but how about for breakfast! Check it out! New York illustrator, Sarah Rosado decided to do some of your favorite musical artists out of breakfast cereal and she did an awesome job! Click the link and enjoy the pics! They’re GGRREEAATT!!! Ah Ha… sorry…

Toto's 1982 Hit 'Africa' Covered on Beer Bottles [VIDEO]

Have you ever tried playing a bottle? You know, where you blow across the top of the bottle to make a sound. Well, that’s all this group does is lay bottles. They’re called the Bottle Boys and they sound great. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Silly Dog Just Can't Understand Why Statue Doesn't Want To Play A Game Of Fetch!

I call this "Dog verses the Statue"! Click the pic and ENJOY!




The Most Popular Fourth of July Songs in Each State [MAP]

I came across something rather interesting for the 4th of July. It’s the most popular 4th of July songs according to each state in the US. I’ve posted the musical map and it appears that the most played and sung July 4th song is God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood!

Point-Of-View Video Of World’s Tallest Water Slide Is Intense [VIDEO]

Summertime and nothing like the mighty waterslide! And this waterslide is mighty! It’s the world’s tallest waterslide and you can actually take a ride on it right now! I’ve got the video this waterslide, it’s awesome, and I hope to take a real ride on this one some time. Click the pic and enjoy the thrills!


Don't Do This at Home: When Fireworks Go Wrong [VIDEO]

I love shooting off fireworks from our front yard and we always practice safety first, but that wasn’t the case in this collection of 4th of July videos. Some accidental, but most of these are folks just acting stupid. If you want to see what not to do when shooting fireworks, click the pic and enjoy the vid!

8 Little Things Happily Married Couples Do Every Day!

Here are 8 little tips to improve your marriage.

5-Year-Old Girl Films Her First Action Movie; It Rocks [VIDEO]

5 year old Grace Kirby could be an awesome action movie director when she grows up. In fact, she’s already on her way and this is so cute. Grace put together a short little action film and I have to say that it ROCKS and she’s adorable! click the pic and enjoy her vid!

Happy Birthday Sony Walkman!!!

Happy 35th birthday to the Sony Walkman! That wonderful portable cassette player with headphones that you could take anywhere! Yeah! Sony introduced the Walkman in the 80s and my life was changed forever! In case you need an education or just to reminisce a bit, click the pic and see a bit of history!


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