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Taylor Swift Overwhelms Fan With $1,989 For Student Loans, Amazing Gifts [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift is at it again! Making her fans feel good! In fact making her fan Rebekah feel awesome! You may remember, Taylor sent out several gift packages to fans at Christmas. Well, she didn’t stop there. She sent out a really nice package to fan girl Rebekah! Click the pic and enjoy Rebekah's aweosme moment!

'One in a Million' Set of Identical Triplets Born [PICS]

A BIG congrats going out to Jody and Jase Kinsey on their new additions, Cade, Ian, and Milo! Yep! Triplets! What’s wild about this is this it’s a one in a million phenomenon to spontaneously have identical triplets and the best news is they were born healthy and they join their big brother Jax! Click the link below for pics and more!

Kelly Clarkson Alvum Update: New Producer Hard at Work!

I have for you another Kelly Clarkson album update! You probably already know about her officially releasing her first single, “Heartbeat Song” Well, I also found out that Kelly’s album out later this year will be called “Piece by Piece”. Oh and Kelly also instagrammed an adorable snap of her “new producer” hard at work in the studio. Click the pic to Kelly's Instagram page and enjoy!


At my house, thanks to my kids, the Marvel super heroes visit regularly and we love the Avengers! Well, during the College Football National Championship, they showed a new trailer that I had to post on my page and pass onto you. And yes, it rocks! Click the pic and see the vid!

Dog Eats $23,000 Worth of Wedding Rings [VIDEO]

I have found a god with very expensive taste and I mean that literally! Let me introduce you to Sierra, a lab pup that wound up eating her owner’s engagement ring and wedding band worth $23,000 bucks! They raced her to the vet for emergency surgery, which was very successful and I even have video of this cute black lab pup, Sierra and her story! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Photo booth Baby Announcement Goes Viral [VIDEO]

How awesome is this! Talk about your creative baby announcement! Here’s Jessica Devins! She decided to pull the ultimate surprise on her husband. They are photo booth fanatics! So, they get ready for their first shot, when Jessica raises a little baby beanie that reads, “Baby”! It takes her husband a moment, but he then realizes that they are having a baby! You may have seen the video that has gone viral, but if not, or you want to check it out again, click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Mysterious ATM Shows Up In Cornfield!

You’ve probably seen photos of those strange crop circles that folks claimed were done by aliens? Well, what if an alien dropped an ATM machine in the middle of a cornfield? Well, let me take you to Erin Tennessee in Houston County where there is literally an ATM machine in a cornfield. Not kidding, but it wasn’t put there by aliens unless brothers Jason and Joel Clark are from another planet! It’s been freaking people out to see an ATM machine in a cornfield. Click the link and enjoy the rest of the story!


Gaston Reigns Supreme Over Challenger In Disney World Push-Up Competition!

This dude was at Disney World and decided to challenge Gaston from Beauty and the Beast to a push up competition! Well, I have to say it was humiliating for the guy. Gaston won and single handedly! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Kelly Clarkson Reveals 'Heartbeat Song' Cover Art [PIC]

Kelly Clarkson has revealed the cover art to her new single, “Heartbeat Song”! The actual single will drop tomorrow and the reviews are great and the fans are pump! So, that puts us that much closer to the full album and the long awaited tour coming in the summer!

People's Choice Awards 2015: Complete List of Winners!

Awards season is back in session and the “People’s Choice Awards” were on last night! I caught a little bit of it and I like that awards show simply because it’s voted by the fans and that’s what counts! Well, I have the complete list of winners below!

Favorite Humanitarian: Ben Affleck


Favorite Movie: "Maleficent"

Favorite Movie Actor: Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Movie Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Movie Duo: Shailene Woodley & Theo James, "Divergent"

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