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Guy Hits It Big on the Web Doing Uncanny 'Girl Voice'

This is Matt Brittner and he can sound just like a girl! Click his pic and I'll prove it! Enjoy!


Emmy Nominations 2014: The Complete List

Emmy nominations are in! What horses are you betting on?

Drama series
Breaking Bad, AMC
Downton Abbey, PBS
Game of Thrones, HBO
House of Cards, Netflix
Mad Men, AMC
True Detective, HBO

Comedy series
The Big Bang Theory, CBS
Louie, FX
Modern Family, ABC
Orange Is the New Black, Netflix
Silicon Valley, HBO
Veep, HBO

Cute Baby Argues With Dog [VIDEO]

Nothing but CUTE! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

7 Questions Smart Men Never Ask Their Wives!

A little help for you, guys!

1. "Have you worked out this week?"
It's only slightly better than asking, "Have you gained weight?" Even if you mean it as an innocent inquiry--maybe the two of you are in the middle of a fitness plan, and you're checking in on her progress--the question almost always comes off as an insult. "She's immediately going to think that you think she's getting fat," says Rachel DeAlto, author of Flirt Fearlessly.


The Drive-In! Great and Inexpensive Summer Fun!

I was thinking about all the cool things you can do during the summer and I was thinking about how I’ve kind of rediscovered the drive in theatre recently. I took the family a while back to see a double feature and we had a blast. We got out and played before the movie, loaded up on food and enjoyed the films.

Lady Gaga Spotted Shopping for Wedding Dresses in Toronto [PICS]

Could there be wedding bells chiming for Lady Gaga in the near future. She was seen checking out wedding dresses yesterday with her mom and the thinking is she’s engaged! We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, click the link and see the pics of Lady G's dress shopping!

Meet Venus, the Majestic Two-Toned-Faced Cat!

And this cat looks cute, creepy, cool, and freaky all at the same time. Let me introduce you to Venus, the majestic two-tones-faced cat! She was born this way, but it looks like she was painted up for the camera. Click this pic and see more pics of Venus!

9 Major Kissing Fails to Avoid!

And according to my wife, I’m a decent, if not, good kisser, but I know I’ve had a few kissing fails. Well, I came across 9 major kissing fails to avoid.

1. The sloppy kiss: Loisel says a big, wet, open-mouthed kiss releases testosterone and can help women get in the mood. HOWEVER, you can definitely go too far with this one. Start off slow and work your way there. And watch the slobber. No one should have to wipe their mouth after a good kiss.

See Rihanna, Michael Jackson & More Celebrity Portraits Made Out of Cereal!

I would imagine you’ve seen your favorite artists immortalized in many different ways like on a cake or sculpted out of chocolate, but how about for breakfast! Check it out! New York illustrator, Sarah Rosado decided to do some of your favorite musical artists out of breakfast cereal and she did an awesome job! Click the link and enjoy the pics! They’re GGRREEAATT!!! Ah Ha… sorry…

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