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Hugh Jackman Shaves His Head for Blackbeard Role in New Peter Pan Movie [PIC]

I guess we can call this any excuse to look at Hugh Jackman, but be ready when you see him. Yeah! Hugh is ramping up for a part as the Pirate, Black Beard in the latest version of Peter Pan called “Pan”! Hugh took and instagram pic of himself after getting the head shaved and he definitely looks different! Enjoy!

Hugh Jackman Instagram

Channing Tatum, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & More Top Celebrity Dads List!

Working Mother magazine has released its list of its Top 25 Celeb Working Dads of 2014, compiled with care based on three key factors: their commitment to their kids, their hot careers and, of course, hot looks!

Watch: Car Gets Hit by Lightning, Bursts Into Flames [VIDEO]

 Glad Al and Betty are alright! This was scary, but fascinating at the same tyime! Al and Betty were heading down the road when their truck that was struck by lightning and caught fire. All of it was caught on video and it’s one of those things where you realize how powerful weather is and how fragile life is! Click the pic and see the vid!

The Top 10 Complaints from Unhappy Wives!

Even the best marriages are occasionally bogged down by these annoying but common grievances. Good news is, you can totally fix them.

1. He never helps around the house
In 2013, men spent almost 10 hours per week on chores, while women spent 18. Although that's an improvement from the '60s when men devoted four hours to women's 30-plus, the discrepancy is still annoying--and exhausting. The best way to ensure your husband pulls his weight is to be specific about what you want--kid cleanup, dinner prep, laundry loading--and let him do it his way.

23 Celebs' Strange Pre-Fame Jobs!

Thinking about those strange and unusual jobs! In fact, I came across 23 celebs who had strange jobs before their fame. Read and enjoy!

1. Cindy Crawford: Shucked corn at a local fair for $4 an hour. (But note, that's how she ended up getting discovered.)

2. Hugh Jackman: Performed as "Coco the Clown" at parties for children. "I had no magic tricks," he once recalled, leading a 6-year-old to call him "terrible."

3. Ellen DeGeneres: Sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

Michigan teen finishes 40-mile walk while carrying brother!

This is great! Let me introduce you to 14 year old, Hunter Gandee! He wanted to raise awareness for cerebral palsy and did so by strapping his 7 year old brother, who suffers from this disease to his back and carrying him for 40 miles! Hunter’s brother, Braden can’t walk and weighs 50 pounds, so Hunter had quite a haul, but did it successfully, Click the link below for the full story coutesy of ABC and WKRN, Nashville's News 2!

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping for a Wedding Dress!

And wedding season’s rocking along and I came across some key information that you, the bride or bride’s best friend may need to check out. I have the 5 biggest mistakes brides make when shopping for a wedding dress.

Mistake #1: Wearing the wrong bra.
"Make sure you have the proper undergarments on," Monte says. "Most bridal salons will have them for you… but if you bring your own, you'll be more comfortable in them and... as you try [the dresses] on and zip them up, you won't be worried about adjusting yourself into the other undergarments."

Supercut: The Best and Most Memorable Catchphrases in Television History [VIDEO]

And do you remember this funny catch phrase? (audio)… Yep! From Friends! Well, I have for you a cool video of the most memorable catch phrases in television history. I loved watching these and should be a good little break for you! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


Entire Wedding Party Falls Into a Lake While Posing for Photos [VIDEO]

You may have seen this, but Bride and groom Dan and Jackie Anderson were joined by 20 bridesmaids and groomsmen on a lake dock when things started to go a little south, literally. Click the pic and enjoy their swim!

Alligator Removed from Miss. Family's Pool [VIDEO]

What would you do if you found an alligator in your pool? Me? I would call the proper people to come take care of it and then I’d get lost for a while! Well, Pam Jones found jus t that when she walked out her back door the other day! You might want to grab the kids and show them this video! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

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