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Major Early Snow!!!

You’ll probably find yourself thankful for not getting this much snow. Up to 22 inches in some areas of East Tennessee and I’m thinking if this is any indication of how our winter might go, we’re in for it!

Photos courtesy of Tennessee State Parks on Facebook

PETER PAN LIVE: Allison Williams Takes Flight in Promo [VIDEO]

Peter Pan Live that airs December 4th on NBC starring Allison Williams as The Pan and Christopher Walken will play the part of Captain Hook! Click the pic and enjoy the new trailer!

Pregnant Liv Tyler Wins Halloween: See Her ''Bun in the Oven'' Costume!

Actress Liv Tyler is pregnant with her second child and she wins the award for best costume. She stepped out as a bun in the oven! It’s awesome!

Photos courtesy of Liv Tyler's Instagram account

Liv Tyler, Instagram

Squirrel Carves Pumpkin [VIDEO]

When I saw this, I thought it was animation, but it’s for real! It’s a squirrel actually carving the eyes, nose, and mouth on a pumpkin. Now, I don’t know if the squirrel is trained to do this or not, but either way, it’s not a bad piece of work. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Trendiest Halloween Candy by State [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just like with the Halloween costumes, I found the trendiest Halloween candy state by state and it’s a bit surprising. In fact I’m not sure I agree with the infographic, but I’ll let you look it over and form your own thoughts.Info's below!


Lola ate a toy turtle! Lola is a Tortoise and apparently, an X-ray showed something rather unusual in its belly — a tiny metallic turtle. Lola the tortoise was examined by a vet in Miami because he’d had stomach problems for a month and wasn’t eating. The vet says when he saw the X-ray he thought his staff were playing a joke on him. Well, Lola is now in good health the vet says the small turtle pendant should be digested soon. Good to know that Lola is not a cannibal! Check the X-ray below!

Photos courtesy of and Huffington

Groom drops bride!

When two people fall in love, the fall part is not literal. Unless you’re Chad Kannard and Julia Madgaleno! They had just gotten married and was walking up to the reception area, when Chad picked up Julia to carry her the rest of the way. Well, he got cute and started running down the sidewalk when he lost his balance and fell with her in his arms! Click the link and see how it turned out!

WARNING: Language

Twitter user snaps picture of man eating alone with photo of late wife

They say a picture is worth thousand words. Well, I think this pic is worth 10 thousand! I came across a photo of an elderly man in Fremont California having a burger with a photo on his table. The photo is him and his late wife, whom he lost 5 years ago after 55 years of marriage. It’s a powerful pic that’s gone viral. Enjoy this pic and then click it to get the rest of this great story courtesy of WKRN, Nashville's News 2 and ABC News!

Watch the Avengers Party Down in New 'Age of Ultron' Footage!

The Avengers Age of Ultron isn’t due out until May of next year, but Marvel does a really good job of teasing us all the way up to show time. Got a new trailer featuring bonus footage of the Avengers having a get together and trying to pick up Thor’s hammer which only he can do. Get the big and little kids, click the pic and enjoy the cool, new trailer!

These Are the Most Googled Halloween Costumes in Each State [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here we are quickly approaching Halloween and you or your kids are still trying to decide on what or who to be! Well, I found out what costumes are trending the most in each state with the number one trending costume in Tennessee being BATMAN! Click the pic and see the infographic!

Pic and infographic courtesy of Huffington Post Business

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