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Hugh Jackman Gets a New Dog from Santa!!!

I was just wondering what some of our favorite celebs got for Christmas! Well, I came across some eye candy for you. Not only a pic of Hugh Jackman, but Hugh Jackman holding his new puppy he got for Christmas! He is cute! Talking about the puppy, of course! Enjoy!

Modern Classics: The 10 Top Christmas Movies of the Last 25 Years! Does it Size Up?


I have another To 10 list you might enjoy! How about the top 10 Christmas movies of the last 25 years and I’m not sure I would totally go for this list becuse the movie that I think is missing is Elf with Will Farrel. I think that’s a good one to include, but you check the list, check it twice and see if your favorites are on there!

1. "Scrooged" - 1988

Top 10 Worst Christmas Jokes of All Time!


1. Got my wife a wooden leg for Christmas.

    Not her main present, it's just a stocking filler.
2. Q: What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?
    A: A Christmas Quacker!
3. Q: What's the most popular Christmas wine?
    A: 'I don't like Brussels sprouts!'

Christmas light display set to 'Star Wars' music!

I think I found the best Christmas light display EVER! I say that because the display is set to Star Wars! Yes! The home is decorated with thousands of Christmas lights sequenced to the music from the Star Wars movies! And as a gift from me to you and you’re your Jedi in the house, I have posted this Epic video! Click the pic, enjoy the vid, and this Christmas season, may the Force be with you!!!

Best Boyfriend Ever Puts 365 Love Notes in a Jar for His Girlfriend [PICS]

I would say this guy can receive the title of Best Boyfriend EVER! I wish I had his name, but this guy searched for a Mason jar big enough to hold 365 handwritten love notes to his girlfriend! Well, he found a jar big enough and proceeded to write the notes on yellow, pink, and green stationary. Yellow standing for memories, pink for the reasons he love her, and green for quotes and lyrics they share. His girl, saw it and cried tears of joy. Enjoy the pics!

Here’s the completed jar.

15 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Christmas Music!



Enjoy some Christmas Music Trivia!

Justin Timberlake Cries on Stage After Little Boy Gives Him a Birthday Present [VIDEO]

What a touching moment for Justin Timberlake! He was performing this past Sunday when a 10 year old boy approached the stage and handed him a birthday gift! JT and the boy chatted back and forth, then JT opened the gift and started crying. The gift, was a bowtie. Now, if you know JT, you know he loves bowties and it coming from this boy got him emotional. Click the pic and see the vid.

Wine-Infused Ice Cream Now Exists [PICS]

There is such a thing as wine-infused ice cream! I heard about this and thought that it was one of those made up deals, but it’s for real. In fact there are flavors like Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, and Red Raspberry Chardonnay! Of course, the proof is in the ice cream and you can see the proof below!


Prince George's Christmas Sweater Vest Is Already Sold Out!

This is the cutest thing and I’m not surprised that it’s already sold out! Talking about Will and Kate’s little boy, Prince George and his cool looking Royal Guards sweater vest over his long sleeve collared shirt! He looks adorable and everyone wants that sweater vest, but it’s sold out. If you can get your hands on one, it’s 27 bucks, but for now, here's the vest. Click on it to see Prince George looking dapper in his outfit!

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