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The 9 Most Influential TV Shows of All Time!

Me and the family have our share of TV shows we DVR, watch later, and enjoy, which is why I’m glad I came across the 9 most influential shows of all time and some of them make my list like: The Tonight Show and SNL. Well, why don’t you see how your list of favorite TV shows match up!

Kansas Boy Forced to Remove Little Free Library From His Yard!

You may have heard of those little free libraries where you take a book and leave a book. Well, Spencer Collins decided to build his own little free library and did so with help from his granddad! Spencer is 9, has a real love for reading and sharing his love with neighbors just thrills him. But, get this…His hometown shut him down saying it is illegal to have his little free library in his yard! Well, I have to say, I understand rules and following them, but just one question… what’s the real harm in what he’s doing?!? Click the pic and see more on this!

13 Celebrities Who Are Big Tippers!

13 Celebrities Who Are Big Tippers

Mon Jun 23, 2014 | about 2 hours ago | Posted in: Celebrity | Source


There seems to be a contest for everything these days, like the World's Ugliest Dog Contest that was held over the weekend in California. You may have heard of it, but this year’s winner was a former shelter dog named peanut and after seeing peanut’s pic, I’d say he’s a nice blend of pretty and ugly. But, judge for yourself. Say hi to Peanut!



Local boy invents device to remind parents of children in hot cars!

And this fellow is quite the inventor ! Talking about 11 year old Andrew Pelham of Brentwood. Andrew created a device called the EZ Baby Saver. It’s a strap made of rubber bands and duck tape that connects from the back seat of your car to the driver side door and is designed to stop a parent and remind them of that precious child in the backseat, so they don’t leave them in a hot car. Well, way to go, Andrew and I’ll enter him into our book of heroes and you can see more on Andrew’s genius invention! Click the pic and enjoy the link!

Story courtesy of WKRN TV

Katy Perry Posts Selfie With Bleached Eyebrows [PIC]

Katy Perry’s always up to something! If it’s not starting up her own record label, it’s changing up her looks. She’s showing off her new bleached eyebrows! Enjoy!

11 Things You Probably Shouldn't Put in the Dishwasher!

And I found this interesting and surprising, but there are certain things you shouldn’t put in your dishwasher! 11 of them to be exact! Like:

2015 Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Honorees [COMPLETE LIST]

Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most exciting perks of being a celebrity. In the next year, another select group -- a who's who of actors, singers and producers -- will be honored.


The Pros and Cons of a Wedding Vs. an Elopement!

My daughter and I were chatting about having a big wedding verses eloping! Well, it got me researching and I came across the pros and cons of a wedding verses elopement. It made a good read that I’ll pass onto you!

Here’s What’s Better About An Elopement:


Taylor Swift is the proud owner of an adorable new kitten. Taylor took to Instagram introducing this cute kitty. She wrote, "Meet Olivia Benson." Olivia joins Taylor’s longtime cat, Meredith.


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