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Starbucks Now Has Wireless Phone Chargers, So You Never Have to Leave!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to finish your pumpkin spice latte and actually leave Starbucks to go home, they do this to us. They’ve installed and are testing a very cool wireless charging system for your phone. Yep! It’s in 200 stores in San Fran, but when the green light is given will go nationwide and I’m sure that will include The Music City! Check out this pic!


Cinderella Returns!!!

When you were a kid you probably dreamed of being Cinderella or just simply enjoyed the classic tale! Well, this is pretty cool! A new version of the old story is being told again starring Lily James as Cinderella and Kate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother! The tale will be retold next year and in the meantime, gather the little princess around the computer, click the pic and enjoy the trailer!

10 Sanity Saving Tips to Keeping Kids Well Behaved on Thanksgiving Day!

Lots of kids will be at all those wonderful Thanksgiving gatherings including ours. So, I’m so glad I found this. It’s 10 sanity saving tips to keeping kids well behaved on Turkey Day! Great read! Enjoy!

1. Don't Forget the Fun

7 More Worldwide Shortages Other Than Chocolate!

You may have heard Anna Marie the other morning talking about a possible shortage of chocolate! That’s okay, but now, it’s possibly happening to bacon! No, not bacon! Not Bacon. Got to have my bacon! Yeah! I came across 6 more possible shortages and their explanations and if you’re a new mom, they’re even talking about diapers. Check it out on my page at Mix 929 dot com!


6. Pumpkins


PEANUTS Trailer Debuts: See First Full Preview of CGI Snoopy, Woodstock [VIDEO]

Charlie Brown is going CGI or computer animated! Yeah and it looks good! It’s the Peanuts Movie and it come out this same time, next year! And I’m so glad you asked. Yes, I do have a trailer for you! Click the pic and enjoy with the family!

Crafting the Perfect Fast-Food Thanksgiving [VIDEO]

Obviously, Thanksgiving isn’t at all bout fast food, but I was checking out GMA and came across some guests instructing on how to craft the perfect fast food Thanksgiving! It seems a little crazy, but there are folks that prefer this kind of food a lot. I even dig fast food from time to time. But, I thought I’d share the video and it might even inspire you to be different this year! Click the pic, enjoy the vid, and Happy Fast Food Thanksgiving!


Image by ABC/GMA

5 Quick Ways for Working Moms to Save Money!

Working mothers need to work smart and budget even smarter to come out ahead. Consider these five tips to save money on bills and stretch your paycheck:

Info courtesy of

1.       Comparison-shop daycare.

Daughter photo shops herself into her mother's childhood!

Meet Danielle Delph of Oregon! She’s an art director and took on a very cool, but intense project. After going through some old photos of her mom, she managed to carefully Photo Shop herself into pics with her mom and they are awesome! But, the cool part to this is she managed to surprise her mom with the photos and see herself being really good friends with her mom back then. Got these pics and more in fo on my page at Mix 929 dot com!


Photos courtesy of Danielle Delph

3-Year-Old Girl Sees Santa Eating Breakfast Alone, Joins Him [VIDEO]

You want to talk about cut! Let me introduce you to Gracie Lynn Wilson! She’s just a little 3 year old girl with a big heart! She was having breakfast recently with her parents when she spotted him!  Talking about the jolly old elf himself, Santa Clause! Yep, he was eating breakfast all alone when Gracie Lynn decided to be sweet and come join him. For the rest of the story, click the pic and enjoy!


The 10 Hottest Restaurants in Nashville!

My family and I have been here in Tennessee for almost 2 years now and one of the many things that attracted us here were the many great places to dine in Nashville! Well, our adventures in Music City food brought me to the top 10 hottest restaurants in Nashville, which has been a really great help in locating some good places to check out! Click the pic and enjoy the foodie intel!


Courtesy of Zagat

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