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2015 Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Honorees [COMPLETE LIST]

Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most exciting perks of being a celebrity. In the next year, another select group -- a who's who of actors, singers and producers -- will be honored.


The Pros and Cons of a Wedding Vs. an Elopement!

My daughter and I were chatting about having a big wedding verses eloping! Well, it got me researching and I came across the pros and cons of a wedding verses elopement. It made a good read that I’ll pass onto you!

Here’s What’s Better About An Elopement:


Taylor Swift is the proud owner of an adorable new kitten. Taylor took to Instagram introducing this cute kitty. She wrote, "Meet Olivia Benson." Olivia joins Taylor’s longtime cat, Meredith.


5 Subtle Ways to Drop Engagement Ring Hints to Your Guy!

You might be that one that is ready for him to pop the big question and your even at the point of dropping hints on the subjects! Well, how about 5 subtle ways to drop engagement ring hints to your guy!

1. The Subtle Social Hint
Get a Pinterest board and then subtly let him know that you have photos of your dream engagement ring on there by leaving the page up on your browser. He will be snooping in no time.

Kansas twins born 39 days apart!

Being the father of twins myself, any time I come across stories like this, they grab my attention! Talking about Carl and David Cowan! Their mom, Elene gave birth to her son, Carl first. Then out came her son David, 39 days later! Both are cute as can be and if you would like the complete story and some very cute pics, click the link and enjoy these miracle twins!

Blossom Reunion!

it was kind of cool and funny to see the cast today! They recently got together to promote Blossom coming to the Hub network and if you dare to travel back a bit, click the pic and enjoy the photos!


Oklahoma meteorologist deals with earthquake live on the air!

Danielle Dozier is a Meteorologist in Oklahoma and she’s was on the air live when an earthquake broke out.Click the pic and see how "shaken" she was!


Let's Grill Some Pizza Already!

We love to grill at my house! We grill chicken, burgers, hotdogs, veggies, but I never thought to grill pizza! Well, if you don’t want to heat up your kitchen making homemade pizza, roll out the dough and throw it on the grill! In fact, I came across some ideas checking out yahoo food and I’m passing them onto you. Click the pic and enjoy the link!

5 Real-Life Disney Castles You Can Rent [PICS]

My family and I love Disney and we’ve always wanted to stay in the castle. Well, I came across 5 real-life Disney Castles you can actually rent! Don’t know the price, but I’m sure it’s on the high side, but wouldn’t it be cool to stay there? Check out the Disney Castles below!


1. Aladdin: 'Sultan's Palace' a.k.a. The Marrakech Villa


World's Greatest Flair Bartender Is Like The Bruce Lee Of Bartending [VIDEO]

Whether you frequent bars or not, you have to see this dude! They call him the Bruce Lee of bartending and he can really put on a show. Case in point, I would have broken every bottle he tossed up and flipped around! Check out this Flair bartender! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


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