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Kelly Clarkson's 'Shake It Off' Cover Wins Approval From Taylor Swift [VIDEO]

If anyone can do justice to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” is Kelly Clarkson! In a recent concert, Kelly cranked up this gospel version of the song and I’m telling you she brought it! Not to mention Taylor heard it and loved it too! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Creepy & Hilarious Gremlin Voice [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift was on MTV talking about her new album 1989 and talking about doing her Gremlin voice as well! Kind of creepy, but cool for Halloween and would be a good voice mail greeting. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Courtesy of MTV

10 Terrible Celebrity Kissers (According to Their Costars)


You would think being an actor would have its perks! For instance, being able to kiss other big celebrities in a movie or TV show. But, that’s not necessarily so! I came across 10 of the worst celebrity kissers according to their co-stars! Enjoy the list below!

35 Teen Sayings Explained -- So You Know What the Heck They're Talking About!

As a dad of two teens, I’ve had to sharpen up on my teen lingo! Here are 35 teen sayings to help you understand your teen(s)!

1. Bye Felicia -- From the movie "Friday," it's a response to someone who says they're leaving to indicate you don't care that they're going

Filling Your Ice Machine With Candy Is the Only Kitchen Hack You Need [VIDEO]

I’ve always loved those automatic ice dispensers on your fridge! Well, what if that same dispenser shot candy out to you? Awesome, right!?! Well someone has managed to make this happen and I call it heaven! Kids do try this at home after you click the pi and watch this cool vid!

Man Pulls 14 Cars Over 18 Feet for World Record!!!

I like to highlight world records. Well, this guy really did it! Simon Plant of Findern England managed to pull 14 cars a good 18 feet and 2 inches to break the world record! That’s cool enough, but what makes this even cooler is he did this to raise money in the fight against cancer! Gather the family, click the pic, and enjoy this vid!

Gorilla Scares Children at Zoo With Routine!

This Gorilla is smart and sneaky! You have to see this. The Gorilla I’m speaking of likes to stay still for a long time in front of the observation glass. Then when the onlookers least expect it, he jumps up, lunges, and smacks the glass, scaring the folks watching him! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Before They Were Super Heroes!

You and the kids might find this fun! I came across a little slide show courtesy of Yahoo dot com where you can see before and after pics of different super heroes like Batman, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, and more! Click the pic and enjoy the transformation!

Courtesy of Yahoo

Fed-Up Dog Does Tricks For Human, Complains The Entire Time [VIDEO]

Yes! I found me another cute doggy video, except this time the cuteness is even cuter because while this dog is doing tricks for its owner, it’s complaining the entire time! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Mark Wahlberg on Starving Himself for 'The Gambler': I Was "Miserable"

I’m always amazed at hearing about what an actor goes through to play certain rolls! Case in point… Mark Walberg is starring in an upcoming movie called “The Gambler”, where he plays a college professor with a huge gambling problem! Well, he had to drop 60 pounds to play this roll, which he called miserable because it literally had to starve himself to get there! Mark is a built and buffed dude! See the before and after below and click the pic to see the movie triler for his new roll!

Images courtesy of Yahoo Movies

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