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Police Pull Drivers Over, Give Them Gifts Instead of Tickets [VIDEO]

With all the bad in the world, it’s good to see folks doing good! Particularly, our police. Well, cops in Lowell Michigan, with the help of UPtv, brought some smiles to the faces of Christmas shoppers by pulling them over, making them think they’ve committed a traffic violation, and then keep them there long enough to surprise them with Christmas gifts. This is so awesome! Click the pic, enjy this vid, and Merry Christmas from Mix 929!

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS!

Every year, my family and I always catch “A Charlie Brown Christmas”! And I found it amazing how much I didn’t know about the show! Stuff like:

10 Rules for Re-Gifting This Holiday Season!

Honestly, I’m not much in to re-gifting, but I know quite a few people who are! So, I thought these might come in handy. The 10 Rules for Re-gifting This Christmas season and I found some good tips!

Before you go and rewrap that unopened gift, make sure you pay attention to our 10 Rules of Christmas Regifting. 

1. The gift should make sense.

Adorable Proposal Hidden in Family Christmas Photo [VIDEO]

The creative marriage proposals just keep rolling on! I like this one. A man surprised his soon-to-be wife on Christmas Eve with the help of her family, and the way he slipped the adorable proposal into the holiday photo will warm your heart. Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Maroon 5 Crashes a Wedding While Filming New Music Video!

So, if a band like say… Maroon 5 crashed your wedding, how would you feel? Well, that’s what happened over the weekend for a couple in L.A. Adam and his bandmates were filming a video for one of their new songs and decided to crash this wedding as a part of the video, while Adam actually became the wedding singer! How cool is that? Click the E News link below for pics and more of the story!


WHITNEY: Whitney Houston Lifetime Movie Network Biopic Has a Trailer [VIDEO and PICS]

I’ve wondered from time to time when a movie about the life of Whitney Houston would be made. Well, wonder no more. It’s called Whitney and it truly looks well done and powerful. It was directed by Angela Bassett and it looks to truly tell the story from Whitney’s chart topping success, to her messy marriage to Bobby Brown! Click the pic for more pics and the powerful Trailer for "Whitney"!


Martha Stewart's 7 Tips For Wrapping Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is just around the corner. You may be well on your way to finishing up the requisite shopping excursion for family, friends and other loved ones, but still face the time-consuming chore of wrapping those perfect little trinkets. 

Here is a list of tips and tricks to help you present your presents with style and flair to the people on your list, courtesy of


Christmas Shopper Simulator Lets You Unleash Your Holiday Shopping Anxieties!!!

if you want to unleash your Christmas shopping anxieties, then you need to try this! It’s called Christmas Shopper Simulator and it’s designed to put you on an epic quest to do a bit of Christmas shopping without going out, but experiencing everything you would, if you did! It actually looks fun! Click the pic, see the vid and get a free download!


Lebanon man to be featured in national Christmas light contest!

How cool is this!?! You may know this guy! His name is Chad Barnard and he’s quickly becoming a Christmas season Celebrity! Every year, at his home in Lebanon, he covers eight acres of land with two million Christmas lights for all to see and tonight you can catch him on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight”! Chad was asked to compete on the show for $50 grand provided he has the best Christmas décor and call me partial, but I think he does! Click the pic below to enjoy Chad's Winter Wonderland and we wish Chad and his family well from his friends here at Mix 929!!!

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