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10 Things a Mom Who Has Been Up All Night Doesn't Want to Hear!

I came across 10 things mom, who has been up all night doesn’t want to hear if you’re a new dad listing in, check it out!

1. "You look tired."

You know, I know I'm tired, and I'm sure I'm looking harsh, but my self-esteem is already suffering (Why can't I get this baby to sleep? What am I doing wrong?!), so pointing out the baggage I'm carrying under my eyes or the drool on the corner of my mouth certainly doesn't help that.

2. "Oh, Was the baby awake last night?"

How the News Covered 'Pac-Man' in the Early 1980s [VIDEO]

And I had a fun time watching this! I came across a video compilation of the news coverage of the big Pacman craze back in the 80s and it’s so funny how serious some of these reporters are or seem to be. I still love Pacman! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

7 Reasons You Should Take Your Baby to the Beach!

Summertime, beach time and do you know who benefits the most from being at the beach? Your baby. See below!

Liam Payne Falls on Stage HARD During One Direction Concert [VIDEOS]

Liam Payne fell on stage — hard — during the One Direction concert in Dublin on Friday. The singer slipped and totally wiped out as the group was performing “Best Song Ever.”Thankfully, Payne could be seen smiling and mouthing “I’m fine” Click the pic and see the vid!

Katy Perry Added to US National Portrait Gallery [PIC]

Katy Perry is getting an honor usually reserved for later in life. Her portrait is joining the collection at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.

Yeah! A 2010 portrait of Perry by artist Will Cotton, entitled "Cupcake Katy," will go on view beginning June 18. It will be part of a rotating display of recently acquired portraits. The tongue-in-cheek picture depicts Perry as a cupcake!

Transformer Costume Turns Into Little Car That Actually Drives [VIDEO]

 And this is so cool! If you have some Transformer fans in your house, show them this awesome video I came across of a street performer fixed up like the Transformer, Bumble Bee and he actually transforms with wheels and rolls around the area! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!

Will Smith Helps Fan with Pregnancy Announcement [PIC]

This is so cute! One of my favorite guys, Will Smith did a very cool thing! Helped a girl named Emily make her pregnancy announcement by appearing in a photo with her! Check it out and congrats to emily!

Spider Cat Lets Himself Inside!

Forget the Amazing Spiderman! How about “Spidercat”! This cat is truly amazing! The cat is caught on video climbing the outside of a sliding screen door working the door open and getting inside the house. Get the kids, click the pic, and enjoy this vid!


Woman makes surprising find inside garden gnome statue she accidentally broke!

A woman made an unusual discovery after a garden gnome statue she received as a gift, dropped and cracked open. Let me introduce you to Heather Andrews of Pulaski! She found a mysterious statue within the gnome statue, apparently fused together at the top and bottom inside the figurine! Click the pic and get the complete story!

Latest Trend: Tooth Tattoos?

And just when I though I’ve seen and heard it all, the newest trend now is tooth tattoos! Yes, I said it and it’s true! The process of getting one of these tooth tatta involves painting a permanent picture on a porcelain crown and The cost is between $75 and $200 bucks!


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