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Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2014!

Brides, Grooms, and Wedding Planners! Let these trends fill you minds with great ideas for your wedding!

Billy Joel Sings 'Uptown Girl' to Christie Brinkley at Madison Square Garden (VIDEO)

Enjoy Billy Joel rockin' the crowd, while serenading ex-wife, Christy Brinkley in the front row during a recent show at Madison Square Garden! Awesome! Click the pic and enjoy the vid!


6-year-old shames thieves with sign, helps police find stolen bike!

After a father's road bikes, worth thousands of dollars, were stolen from his garage, his 6-year-old daughter went into action! Rob Thompson filed a police report while his daughter, Roxy used her savings from her piggy bank to draw up a sign to publicly display and shame the bike thieves!

Taylor Swift Posts New Cryptic Clue About Upcoming Release!

Taylor Swift has released cryptic clue #2 regarding an upcoming release. If you’re a Taylor fan or just love puzzles and riddles, you’ll love playing along and you might just figure out what new material might be headed out way. I have the new clue Ms. Swift below. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga Hospitalized for Altitude Sickness [PIC]

Any time you hear about Lady Gaga, you might immediately think publicity stunt! Well, this is for real! She recently finished up a concert and had to go to the hospital for altitude sickness. Apparently, while rockin’ the mile high city, she overdid it and to be put on oxygen. Enjoy her modeling the oxygen mask!

Lady Gaga Hospitalized for Altitude Sickness

General Mills Teams With DC Comics for New Monsters Cereal Box Designs [PICS]

Hey mom! Get the kids to check this out! General Mills has teamed up with DC Comics to re-do the design of Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Frankin Berry cereal! Now I grew up with these guys myself and I think the changes are cool, but I’ll let your little experts judge for themselves. See below and enjoy!

UPDATE: Noah Ritter, 'Apparently' Viral Video Star, Hilariously Talks About His Newfound Fame [VIDEOS]

Well, as we all pretty much expected, the “Apparently Kid”, Noah Ritter is the next internet sensation. This cute 5 year old just totally steals the show as he does more interviews and "apparently", you’ll enjoy the video I posted of him! Click the pic!

Katy Perry Pulls a 'Rocky,' Runs Art Museum Steps in Pizza Hoodie After Philly Concert!

Katy Perry was in concert this past Tuesday in Philly and during her show, she told her fans that after the show, she would run up the steps of the Art Museum like Sylvester Stallone did in the Rocky movies! And sure enough, she did and even hung out taking selfies with her folks! Enjoy the pics!

10 Ways to Flawlessly Handle a Second Date!

1. Check out their Facebook. If date one put you on a high, you might want to know about their interest in 'Top Gear, bird watching and Jordan topless, lol' before you start imagining your wedding.

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