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Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and so Anna is joined by Scott Ridgway and Samantha Nadler from the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. They will discuss the warning signs of those who might be in danger of being suicidal, such as talking about wanting to commit suicide or previous attempts, as well as steps that people can take to help a person that might be considering suicide. Anna also talks to Samantha, who is a survivor of multiple suicide attempts and now works for the TSPN to help others in need.

Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness

For March, Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Alan Herline joins us from the Vanderbilt Cancer Center says colon cancer is the most preventable and curable form of cancer, if it’s caught early. He recommends one get their first colonoscopy at age 50, and then says if there are no problems, most people can wait 5 years before they need another. He says if someone in your family had colon cancer, your first colonoscopy should be ten years before your family member’s was when they were diagnosed.

Go Red for Women

Patty Clements and Lori Anne-Parker Danley join Anna Marie this week to discuss Go Red, and how they are trying to raise awareness for women's heart disease. They want to raise awareness because 1 in 3 women die every year from heart disease, which is more than all forms of cancer combined. They'll share their personal stories and connections, and what women can do to help prevent heart disease, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercising 30 minutes a day. For more information, please visit:

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