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Ending Domestic Violence, Part 2

You can't solve a problem without knowing the cause; that's what the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole believes.  They're working on programs to get to the root of what triggers criminals to commit crimes, and work on those problems before they lead to destructive choices, creating a safer society and reducing repeat offenders (which in their first year alone saved taxpayers $33 million).  To learn more, visit TN.gov/bopp.

Ending Domestic Violence, Part 1

Tennessee has been ranked in the top 12 in the country for domestic violence since 2000, coming in at number 5 this year, with many of these crimes attributed to repeat offenders.  Our guests from the Board of Probation and Parole will tell you how their new batterers intervention program, "Courage to Change", is aiming to shift the mentality of offenders to reach a day when there are no more victims.  To do you part to end domestic violence, visit EndAbuse.com, or NNEDV.org.

Salvation Army

Every year you see the Salvation Army on every corner, ringing bells and collecting change.  But their Red Kettle program is only one of many.  Ronnie Raymer from the Salvation Army's Nashville Area Command talks about how you can get involved and help give back this holiday season.  To learn more, visit online at SalArmy-Nashville.org, or to volunteer, call 615-242-0411.


Holiday Fire Safety

Hearths all aglow, candles burning, round-the-clock cooking, stringing up lights left and right; around the holidays, there's more ways than you might realize to set yourself on fire!  Fire Marshall Andy King will teach you all about how to decorate safely to avoid fires, as well as how to develop an emergency plan for your family in the event of an accident.  And for more great safety tips and information, visit NFPA.org, and CLICK HERE.

Helping Our Returning Veterans

Veterans have risked their lives to fight for us, now we must fight for them. The experience of war leaves serious mental and emotional scars such as post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, and increased risk of suicide.  To learn more about how to support the veteran you know, check out BenefitingVeterans.com, or call the national hotline at 1-888-4 VETS 25.


Nashville Prevention Partnership

30% of Nashville children are in contact with drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications, and there are clear warning signs you can pick up on as a parent.  Visit NPPOnline.org to learn more.


Metro Nashville Public Health Department

Dr. Bill Paul talks about why it's not too late to get a flu shot, how to shave off pounds with small changes to your routine, and how to work together to keep the community healthy.


Helping At-Risk Youth

Monroe Harding, Inc. offers many programs to partner with at-risk youth and families to provide a bridge toward independence and success. They offer academic support, foster care and adoptive services, emotional counseling, vocational training and more, to start kids off on the right foot.


How to Create a Drug-Free America

Vaughn Ownby from the Partnership for a Drug Free America lists the biggest drug threats to Tennessee, the role parents play in stopping drug use, and how to keep yourself from enabling people with addictive personalities in your life. 


Why not to skip your flu shot!

Most people don't think the flu will ever kill them. But it kills thousands every year. In spite of that, new surveys find more than 40% of Americans saying they are NOT going to get Flu shots. Dr. Bill Schaffner, the head of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt Medical School, tells you why the vaccine is vital. 

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