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Go Red for Women: 10 Years of Saving Lives

Every year, heart disease also kills more women than all forms of cancer combined, about 1 in every 3.  That’s because women display the symptoms differently, and often, in much more subtle ways.   Patty Clements from the American Heart Association explains how to lower your risk through heart disease through diet and exercise, the huge role that reading your food labels plays, and how Go Red for Women, celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year, is making a difference.  Lori Anne Parker-Danley shares her personal account of how she suffered 2 massive heart attacks at a

The Arthritis Foundation

You might be shocked to know that 1 in 4 people will suffer from some form of arthritis, of which there are over a hundred, which costs the economy $128 billion a year in lost productivity and hospitalizations, and is the #1 cause of disability in America.  Dorothy Scobey, Development and Services Director for the Middle Tennessee chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, talks about the warning signs of the two most common forms of arthritis, shares what factors, including genetics, can lead to it, and also explains how increasing more children are finding themselves afflicted.  Anna

Severe Weather Preparedness Made Simple

Does the crazy weather we've experienced lately have you feeling a little nervous?

Nutrition on a Budget

As the old saying goes, "you are what you eat", so wouldn't you rather be something healthy?  Nan Allison, Registered Dietician, joins the program to give us simple tips and tricks that we can use everyday to avoid overeating, stay satisfied, and do it all in cheap and cost effective ways.  She also dispels common myths about diet pills and serving sizes, and explains the importance of meal planning.

Assistance League of Nashville

Assistance League of Nashville is a nonprofit volunteer organization that puts caring and commitment into action through community based philanthropic programs.  Four of the Assistance League's former and current leaders explain their two biggest programs, Operation School Bell, which provides clothing to children of low income families, and Hand in Hand, which provides food and clothing to children who are victims of abuse, as well as share testimonials from the families these programs are doing so much for.  And don't miss their upcoming wine tasti

Working With Your Voice: Tips From a Pro

If you're like a lot of people in Nashville, perhaps you came to Music City to make it big as a singer.  Or maybe you've just always wondered what it takes to make it as a professional in the music industry.  Jaime Babbitt, a professional jingle singer, touring musician, vocal coach, and author, shares tips on what skills are most important to finding your big break, how to stay motivated, and warns about which pitfalls to look out for with stories from personal experience.  For more on Jaime, visit <a href="http://www.WorkingWithYourVoic

Help for Keeping Your 2013 Resolutions

No matter what life changes you are resolving to take on in 2013, it is proper to have the right motivation, commitment, and belief in order to achieve anything. To conquer any obstacle, you must be able to look into yourself and see the potential that lies there for major positive growth. Dr.

Winter Car Care and Driving Safety

Winter can be hard on automobiles.  Frigid temperatures and icy roads can be a danger not only to your engine, but your personal safety as well.  Avery Smith, ASE certified mechanic at Little Brothers Shell, explains the importance of antifreeze and how often to change it, as well as what maintenance to perform regularly to avoid a breakdown.  Mark Cox, director of the Bridgestone Winter Driving School explains which tires are best for winter driving, how you can tell if you're about to hydroplane, and how to execute driving maneuvers that might help you avoid a crash. 

Winter Illnesses: What Works and What Doesn't

About 29% of employees will call in sick at some point this winter, and if you're one of them, you're probably trying anything you can to get better, and fast!  Dr.

Fighting the Holiday Humbugs

The holidays can be a very stressful time, but that doesn't mean they have to get you down.  Clinical psychologist Katheryn Sherrod, PH.D. talks about how to quit being such a taskmaster with cooking and cleaning and ask for help when you need it, how to let go of self-image issues around the holidays, how to deal with continuing grief from losing a loved one this time of year, and how in terms of focusing attention and emotional support on others, giving can be better than receiving.  You can contact Dr.

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