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Don't Let the Bugs, Bug You This Summer!

Buzzing, crawling, swarming, smashing up against your windshield, BUGS ARE BACK as the weather gets warmer.  Professor Frank Hale from the University of Tennessee talks about what insects are most common in our area, explains how to treat mosquito and tick bites, dispels some common myths about chiggers and other pests, and even tells you which ones are edible.  You'll also learn pest control tips and tricks to keep those bugs OUT of your house, courtesy of Honor Guard Pest Services.

Go Red for Women

Heart disease currently ranks as the #1 killer of both men AND women, but only 1 in 5 women will recognize the symptoms of heart disease, because they appear in much more subtle ways.  Dr. Allen Goldberg, Executive Director of U.S. Medical Affairs at Merck and Co.

Stopping Invasive Plants

As the weather gets warmer, you might want to start sprucing up the yard, or get a garden going.  If that's your plan, forester Dwight Barnett from the TN Department of Agriculture will tell you what types of invasive plants you need to identify and how to kill them, how to test your soil and what you can add to it to promote growth, how to properly prune trees and bushes, and what plants you can buy that benefit wildlife and the surrounding environment.  For questions, you can call Dwight at 615-837-5552.

Cervical Cancer / HPV Awareness

April is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, one of the most detectable and treatable cancers of all, and one that is impacting more and more people every year. Current statistics show that here in Tennessee, less than half of all woman get tested for cervical cancer, yet more than 20 million woman in the United States are infected with HPV, the virus that triggers cervical cancer, every year, often with little or no symptoms. That's why no matter your age or your background, it's important to get screened! To find out more, log onto TheHPVTest.com.

Nashville Prevention Partnership

30% of Nashville children are in contact with drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications, and there are many clear warning signs you can pick up on as a parent.  DeWayne Holman from the Nashville Prevention Partnership lists warning signs that your child may be abusing drugs or alcohol, explains why prescription medications are the new substance abuse threat, talks about what life landmarks present the greatest risks for drug use, and gives tips on how to limit the accessibility of harmful substances.  For more resources, visit DrugFree.org o

Nashville Community Education Commission

Whether you’re trying to strengthen your resume for the job market, or just have a zest for learning, the Nashville Community Education Commission offers free or low-priced classes on a wide range of subjects from foreign language, computer orientation, to home repair, and more.  Executive Director Lovette Curry says that they are always accepting suggestions for new classes, and you can even apply to teach one yourself!  Helena Farrow, Executive Director of OIC Nashville also shares their services such as GED classes, job training and placement, and transportation assistance.&nbs

TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development

With all the gloom and doom out there right now regarding the economy, here’s some good news you might not have heard; Tennessee’s economy is actually recovering at a faster rate than the national average, and state unemployment is well under the national rate as well.  In fact, Jeff Hentschel and Melinda Williams from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development say that there are more jobs available now than there have been in years.  Jeff and Melinda explain how the department and their many career centers can prepare you to take advantage of these new jobs, with

Proper Nutrition and Never Getting Sick

March is National Nutrition Month, and Tennessee Health Commissioner Dr.

TN Health Commissioner Dr. John Dreyzehner

March is National Nutrition Month, and according to recent statistics, a lot of us are struggling.  66% of the population is considered overweight or obese, and Tennessee currently ranks 39th of 50 in national health rankings.  New Tennessee Health Commissioner Dr. John Dreyzehner says if you're having a hard time getting healthy, you are not alone; anyone can get healthy with the proper attitude.  Dr.

March of Dimes and the Breakfast for Babies

In the state of Tennessee, about 30 babies are born prematurely every single day, and there will only be an explanation as to why for about half of them.  That's why March of Dimes, with their research funding, education outreach, and volunteer efforts are so important.  Tamara Currin, Program Services Director for March of Dimes, explains the biggest risk factors and warning signs of a premature birth, as well as a risky new trend of professionally induced early labor.  Angela Crane-Jones, this year's Ambassador Mom for the March of Dimes, also shares the story of her pregna

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