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Best Viral Video of the Year!

It's tough to be a 5-year-old Romeo! Click here for a priceless viral video that you will want to share with a lot of people!

Kim-ye Wedding? Yay or Yecch!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you care about Kimye's wedding?



DVD's Out today...

 Too hot to go outside already? There are about a half dozen movies coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week.. Click HERE to get Clint's Review! 

Happy Birthday Mr. Facebook!

Don't feel intimidated, but here is a list of 30 things that Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has acomplished. Today he turns 30 Years Old.  CLICK HERE.


Would You Pass Grade School Today?

Do you Dare? Take this EIGHT question Quiz and see if you would pass Grade School today. CLICK HERE.

Please let us know how you do. Email us HERE.

VIPS in the studio LIVE!

The Sean Astin is visiting with the Mix Morning Show at 6:45 Friday Morning... and THEN, the cast of one of the hottest movies of the year LIVE around 8:00.

"The Fault in Our Stars!"

Feel Good Friday FUN!

What Fun! Today was "Feel Good Friday" with the Mix Morning Show. Sunday is STAR WARS DAY, so we got an early start by handing out free Star Wars PEZ! (May the FOURTH be with you!)

Are You Ready For Tax Day?

Taxes and tax returns are due Tuesday, April 15. What do experts recommend you do if you owe, but don’t have the cash? 
Resist the urge to stick your head in the sand and hope the IRS will just go away. They won't, and avoiding the problem will only make it worse. File your return and send as much money as possible.

Twitter Sure looks a lot like Facebook!

As of today, Twitter has a new format that looks a lot like Facebook. Click HERE to find out why!

Looks like there are great things to do this weekend! Check it out!

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