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What Rich People Buy Each Other

How would you like to meet James Taylor and sit in the front row at his annual 4th of July concert? Well, today that could cost you about $7,000.. Want Paul McCartney to record your voice mail message? This Website has a lot of fun ways to spend crazy amounts of money. Click HERE.

Where IS that Gift Card?


Reminder: if you get a gift card this holiday season, and chances are good that you will, use it! Last year there were about 2 BILLION DOLLARS in unused gift cards! There are websites like , that'll let you sell your unused gift cards for MOST of face value, or buy gift cards that others are selling at a discount.

12 Gifts for your iPad or iPhone

It is the season of goodwill, so Apple has announced 12 days of free gifts for one and all.

Hold your horses. iPads and MacBooks aren't being dished out.

Gandalf Meets Gandalf

Straight from Sesame Street, Here is Sir Ian McKlellen is a scene about manners, Click HERE.

What do YOU want for Christmas?

Have you seen THIS? It's Awesome!

Unusual Gift Idea!

Some people are impossible to shop for, right? Well, there's an auction coming up on December 21st that could help you find that perfect gift. Click HERE for details.

Xmas Family Photos?

What is the WORST family photo you have ever seen in a Christmas Card? Well, CHECK THESE OUT!

Shopping Apps!

Two Great Apps for Shopping!

First find out all about SHOPULAR HERE

And the BEST one may be KEY RING which allows you to load all those annoying customer loyalty cards into your phone and pull them up with the touch of a button!

C-C-C-Cold Weekend!

Got Firewood? It's gonna be COLD this weekend. Windy too! Saturday looks pretty windy with highs in the 40s.
And YIKES!!! We drop to the LOW 20s by Sunday morning and only rebound to the upper 30s by afternoon.

"Here Turkey, Turkey, Turkey..."

Wild turkeys show up in GANGS in Tennessee and all over the country this time of year, but before you think about grabbing one for dinner, be aware of how DANGEROUS they are. Yup. They can do some serious damage to you, your family and your pets. In fact, if you do encounter a wild turkey, do NOT turn your back on him. Tom turkeys will consider you prey and may be likely to attack. What you should do is make yourself as big as possible and yell LOUDLY!

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