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Do you know anyone who is affected by Hurricane Irene still? Flooded out? Power Out? LET US KNOW.

The next cast of "Dancing with the Stars" is being announced TONIGHT!  The rumors we've heard are Chaz Bono, David Arquette, Hope Solo (Women's soccer team goalie) Who have YOU heard? For that matter, who do you WANT to see dancing?

Monday 22 August

Monday, Nicki Clark won Flowers for Friends, enter on our Contest page. Send your dog's photo in to win CASH and prizes in the Mix Mutt contest, and there's a lot going on in the community. See the Entertainment Update! What will YOU do on 9/11? 

Wednesday 17 August

Three TN kids have been attacked by Pit Bulls in less than two weeks. Coincidence? Here are some some statistics about dog attacks.  Do you know anyone who has one? How do YOU feel about them? Is it ALL in how they are raised or are some breeds vicious by nature?

Today is National Thrift Store Day.

Tuesday 16 August

Have you heard the new school terminology? Some teachers have turned  the old standards like "Pop Quizzes" into "Surprise Parties" and "Homework" into "Home Fun." Think that will fly?

DVDs in store today: "Something Borrowed" with Kate Hudson - PG -13, "Priest" with Paul Bettany -PG-13,  "Jane Eyre," PG-13, "The Conspirator" – PG -13,  "Hoodwinked Too," -  PG

Monday 15 August

Parents: Have you or will you use the Web portal (called Parent Connection in Metro Nashville) to check your kids' daily grades, attendance, etc? Williamson County parents also have Parent Connection. Sumner County offers a similar program called Parent Portal. Is this fabulous or overkill? Your thoughts?

Will the deadly disaster at the Indiana State Fair make you think twice about going to any of the fairs here?

Friday 12 August

The Wilson County Fair opens this weekend! Click here for hours, ticket prices and more details.

What famous person is Kim Leslie related to? Maria Von Trapp!

Wednesday 10 August

Ever heard of a "Grandparent Shower?"  The idea is to make sure the grandparent that helps out with the baby has the essentials, so Mom and Dad don't have to haul everything over to their house every time. Favorite blanket, favorite binky, etc... What do you think?

Tuesday 9 August

Looking for a new DVD? Check out the movies of the week before you make that decision.

We've all seen deer, raccoons, skunks, but have you seen ARMADILLOS on the side of the road? Apparently, they are becoming more commonplace in southern middle Tennessee. But our smart Mix listeners say you shouldn't touch them. They can allegedly spread leprosy!

Weatherman Swallows A Moth On Live TV

A weather reporter in North Carolina had an unfortunate run-in with a moth on live TV. He handled it very well though.

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