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Thursday 28 July

Project Runway starts its 9th season tonight on Lifetime. If you missed Heidi Klum's visit with the Mix Morning Show, you can listen to it HERE.

Wednesday 27 July

During Nearly Impossible Trivia yesterday, we learned that 67% of people surveyed by Cosmopolitan Magazine say they have posed for nude photos ( and it has come back to haunt them.)  Really? 2/3rds of us? Does that seem a little high to you? Maybe that includes toddler photos in the bathtub.

Tuesday 26 July

Have you heard about the 7 year old who wrote a bestseller? But wait, there's more: This child has a severe seizure disorder, and he wanted to get a service dog, who would sense when he was going to have a seizure. (If you saw the movie, "My Sister's Keeper", it was the same thing that Alex Baldwin's Character had.)  Evan Moss didn't have enough money to get a service dog, but this book is changing all that.

Monday 25 July

Amy Winehouse is dead at age 27. Can you name other rock stars who died at 27? Is the "27 Club" a myth or is it real?

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Janis Joplin

Kurt Cobain

Friday July 22

Family Feud is holding auditions here in Nashville tomorrow. If you want to get it on this, send an email to Just a heads up. The casting director shared with Mix 92.9 that they are looking for good southern accents. (Blacking out your teeth is optional.)

Wednesday 20 July

Have you ever befriended a Facebook friend and immediately regretted it? How do you handle that? Do you think DE-friending them or Blocking them is just too mean? There is another alternative! Kim Leslie can tell you how.

Want to audition for Family Feud. The auditions are this Saturday at Bridgestone Arena. If you plan to audition, you have to be there with 5 or 6 of your family members. But you can't audition without setting up an appointment by email first.

Tuesday 19 July

This one stumps us AND makes us laugh. Go to this website and explain to us why that particular music is playing? And have you ever heard a cheesier version of any song... ever!

Monday 18 July

The US Women's Soccer team lost, Harry Potter WON, and Britney Spears comes to town tonight! Details HERE. on Anna's NEWS PAGE.

Harry Potter Weekend!

THE Weekend is finally here for Harry Potter fans! The very last Harry Potter movie is playing right this minute at a theater near you! Are you going to see it? Have you already? Or Are you a muggle through and though? Send us your thoughts about the movie HERE. You may hear your review on the air Monday Morning with the Mix Morning Show!


Friday 15 July

Hear the newest member of the Mix 92.9 air staff Sunday Morning from 6 to 10 am. You probably already know him. He is a regular guest of the Mix Morning Show and a pretty talented musician: JIM BRICKMAN has a wonderful show! Make sure when you get up Sunday morning, you wake up with Jim Brickman on Mix 92.9!

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