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Monday 28 March

Remember when 2015 seemed SO far away?  Now it is just cround the corner, but in 1985, when "Back to the Future 2" was set, they travelled 30 years ahead to 2015 and they were in a land on "hoverboards" and "flying cars." How realistic is that now? How realistic is that now? In 1989, most of us didn't have cell phones!

Friday 25 March

Going to the movies this weekend? The kids might like "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules." Here is all you need to know about  the latest films.

Thursday 24 March

Teenagers! If you have one (or MORE!) you know the challenges that go along with them. For example, Phone TIme. Do you limit your teen to how much time they can spend on the phone? How much is TOO much? Does a FOUR HOUR conversation seem excessive?

Wednesday 23 March

Do you agree with this list of the Best Movies of all time? What's the greatest film of all time? The best action film and best comedy ever made? What's the most memorable line ever delivered in a movie?

Tuesday 22 March

Hey Smartypants! 1,000 Americans took this U.S. Citizenship Test--38 percent failed! How many can you get right? Be honest!

Have you ever purchased one of those things you see on late night television? Did it work? The latest one that made the Mix Morning Show laugh is the "Robostir." Buy it at your own risk, but we thought you might want to see it HERE.

Monday 21 March

WInter is FINALLY over! YAY!!!!

Can you imagine keeping your child in a booster seat until they are TWELVE? That is the latest recommendation. Plus, They now want us to keep babies in rear facing car seats until the age of two! What do you think of all this?

Friday 19 March

SPRING is HERE!!! How about temperatures in the  70's? Spring officially starts at 6:21 p.m. on Sunday! And that 7 day forecast has a lot of 70's in it! Woo hoo!

Thursday 17 March

It's our annual Breakfast For Babies at Noshville on Broadway! Please come by this morning. We would LOVE to see you. It's all to support the March of Dimes. They do incredible work. Click HERE to find out more and make sure you are listening from 6 - 10 am! We're saving some Green Eggs and Ham for you!

Wednesday 16 March

Brace yourself: The Cicadas are coming. That deafening, high-pitched whine will assault our sensibilities in May when the red-eyed bugs awaken from their 13-year slumber and come above ground to feed and breed. The cicadas will be popping out of the soil in Middle Tennessee in early May.

Monday 14 March

28-year-old divorcee Chantal or 24-year-old single mom Emily? Who do YOU think Brad Womack should pick? 

NEW VIDEOS! Learn even more about the talents and personalities of our ten Mix 92.9 SInging Star FInalists! Plus, don't forget to VOTE EVERY DAY! Once per day!

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