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Very Special Pumpkin Patch

A familiar pumpkin patch is back in Franklin, but without a familiar face.
The Cooper Trooper Foundation Pumpkin Patch was started by Rod and Missy Cook... five years ago when their baby was diagnosed with cancer. His illness made them realize that SIBLINGS of cancer patients also have a hard time. So they started selling pumpkins and fall decorations... to buy what they called "Courage Kits" to give to siblings of children diagnosed with cancer.

Oktoberfest Nashville!

Are you ready for Oktoberfest? This legendary Nashville event takes place this weekend in the Germantown area of downtown, north of the state capitol. Knockwurst, beverages. music, costumes. It's one of Nashville's most fun annual events. You can find the details HERE.

I Like You Better on Facebook

Have you ever met someone in person who was your Facebook friend first? Were you disappointed? How did they differ from their Facebook photo?


Got an iPhone? IOS 7. Arrrrgh!

If you have an iPhone or an iPad.... etc. Have you downloaded IOS 7.0 or IOS 7.0.2? Have you lost your mind trying to get around some of the glitches. Click HERE if you need some help.

"NASHVILLE" Star Jonathan Jackson on the Mix Morning Show!

Wednesday morning at 7:10, Jonathan Jackson who plays Avery Barkley on "Nashville" and Steve Burton from "The Young and the Restless" joined Kim, Anna Marie and Clint on the Mix Morning Show! You may remember them both from "General Hospital." Steve played Jason Morgan, while Jonathan is remembered for portraying Luke and Laura's son, Lucky. You may also remember Jonathan from from the Michelle Pfeiffer film, "The Deep End of the Ocean."


Wanna See a LEGEND in Concert? Not just a singer, but an Academy Award winning Actress! CHER is coming to town in March. Tickets got on SALE next Friday October 4. Details HERE.

Huge TV Night!

Grey's Anatomy? Glee? The new Robin Williams comedy with Sarah Michelle Geller? Tonight is the pinacle of the new fall TV season. What will YOU be watching? Wanna know what's on? Click HERE for the schedule.

"Nashville" is back tonight!

The second season of "NASHVILLE" starts tonight on ABC! Are you ready? We met a young lady who is brand new to the cast tonight. She plays "Savannah" and describes her character as "a real troublemaker." She will be in the storyline involving "Gunnar." Watch for her tonight!

Did NOT see that coming!

The first casualty of "Dancing With the Stars" is one that few people saw coming... unless you saw him dance. Former NFL player and ESPN commentator Keyshawn Johnson was the first to be voted off the show. We kind of thought it was going to be Bill Engvall. Who did YOU think would be the first out? Or better yet, who did you WANT to see go home?

Junk Room

Do you have a room that has become the catch-all for junk when you don't know where else to put it? What is the most embarrassing thing you have in there? Do you even KNOW what IS in there? Does it look like THIS?

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