10 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Owns But Never Wears!

No matter how sensible and put-together you think you are, I guarantee that I could open your closet door and pull out several pairs of shoes that haven’t been worn in last six months. Just like those old bottles of nail polish that we desperately need to throw away, women tend to hoard shoes that have never seen the light of day. In honor of our collective ridiculousness, here are ten examples of shoes every woman owns… but never wears.

1. Those shoes you bought in the middle of a I’m totally Carrie Bradshaw! fantasy.

carrie bradshaw shoesYou haven’t been invited to a single event in your lifetime that would call for fuzzy purple stilettos, but the savvy sex goddess in the back of your brain is convinced you’ll need them someday.

2. Those strappy metallic disasters that you wore to your senior prom.

prom shoes

You took pictures of that night for a reason. There’s no need to fill your apartment with physical reminders of your awful teenage taste.

3. Faded Old Navy flip flops with the treading worn off.

old navy flip flops

They’re curling and holey and there’s a mysterious stain that’s making you wonder what’s wrong with your big toe. They cost about a dollar to replace. It’s time to move on.

4. The heels you bought after your mom reminded you to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

nude heelsIt might be beneficial to keep a pair of bland nude pumps somewhere in the back of your closet, but for the time being, they’re just reminding you of your limp resumé.

5. The designer shoes that you’re convinced you’ll ruin if you ever take them out of the box.


You’ll wear them eventually, okay? Okay? You’re working on it.

6. Those complicated, “ergonomically designed” running shoes that some fitness magazine said would change your life.

running shoes

You can’t get rid of them, because maybe they will change your life… if you ever start running.

7. Those shoes you bought to fit someone else’s style.

ugly shoes

Just because you want to dress like Taylor Swift doesn’t mean you’re ever going to.

8. The pair of flats whose mission in life is to give you blisters and make you hate yourself.


Why are you keeping them around? Why are you letting them live? Why are you giving them more power?

9. Those shoes that just have to come back in style eventually.

blue shoes

Women wore navy shoes for decades. They’ll come back. They’ll come back ten minutes after you throw your pair away.

10. The shoes you love… that just don’t fit.

shoes that don't fit

Unless you saw off a toe or grow bunions big enough to take you up a whole size, it’s not gonna work out. Your optimism is inspiring, but you’re kind of delusional.