Another SNOW DAY?

Looking for some FUN THINGS to do on a SNOWDAY? We've got a list right here!

Edible Snowflakes
Fold flour tortillas in fourths and use scissors to cut shapes out pf the folds, just like when you cut a paper snowflake, Brush with melted butter. sprinkle on cinnamon sugar and bake at 350 degrees until crispy.Yum!

Snow Cream
Make this yummy treat using clean fresh snow. fold in a mixture of vanilla,milk and sugar to taste. You have a perfect treat for a snow day at home.

Board Games
Pull out your board games and have a fun day playing them. Some good ones to play are Sorry, Monopoly and Life. If you have younger children games like Candyland, Chutes and Ladders and Memory are good choices. If all you have is a deck of playing cards bring them out and teach the kids how to play Go Fish, Slap Jack or War.

PJ and Popcorn Movie Day
Let the kids wear their pajamas all day, make some popcorn and watch movies. some good choices for a Snow Day movie marathon are Jack Frost, Snow Dogs,Snow Buddies, and Snow Day.

Snowflake Art
Put your coffee filters to good use and let the children fold them in fourths and cut small shapes from the folds to make beautiful snowflakes. You can drizzle on glue and sprinkle with glitter for a sparkly effect. Once dry use scotch tape to hang in windows and around the room.

Freeze Dance
Put on some music and let the kids get some energy out by dancing. When the music stops they have to freeze in place. Anyone who moves while frozen is out. The winner is the last person dancing.

Put those unmatched socks to good use by letting the kids use craft materials to turn old socks into sock puppets for a Snow Day Puppet Show. An old box can be decorated and turned into a impromptu puppet stage. Kids will enjoy putting on a show for the whole family.

Snow Painting
Kids will enjoy using spray bottles to paint on snow.

Fill a few spray bottles with a few drops of food coloring and water. Bring in a pan of fresh snow and let the kids spray paint on snow. Talk about how the colors blend to make new colors and what happens when the colored mixture hits the snow. This activity is a fun art and science project rolled into one.

Indoor Picnic
Make some sandwiches and other picnic foods, bring out a blanket and have a picnic indoors. While enjoying your lunch talk about the things you like to do when its warm outside.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt
Give each child a list of common household items and have them go on an indoor scavenger hunt. so the kids aren't running all over the house limit this activity to a couple of rooms and make a no running rule. Have a small prize available for the winner.

With just a few supplies and a little creativity you can turn a boring Snow Day into a fun experience for both you and your children.