Does this Describe Your Toddler or Your Puppy?


                                Ways Toddlers Are Like Puppies

1. They have no concept of time.

2. They knock stuff down while excited.

3. Their toys make loud noises and they leave them everywhere.

4. You can bribe them with treats.

5. They're the reason your furniture needs replacing, but also the reason you wouldn't dream of replacing it.

6. They fall asleep in random places at random times.

7. When you're in the bathroom, there's nowhere else they'd rather be.

8. They have accidents in the house.

9. They seem to take up the whole bed, no matter how small they are.

10. They whine when they don't get their way.

11. They drool on stuff.

12. When you talk to them, you're not sure if they understand a word you're saying (this goes on until they hit college ... the kids, not the dogs, well, unless you have a crazy smart dog).

13. When they're young, they sleep better behind bars.

14. They crave the attention of everyone that comes to your house, from play dates ... to the UPS guy.

15. They rarely listen the first time you say something.

16. You can't trust them when wearing your nice clothes.

17. Their pictures use up most of the memory on your phone.

18. Their sad faces are extremely persuasive.

19. They get jealous when you pick up a baby.

20. You find yourself telling anyone who'll listen stories about the funny things they do.

21. They make you wish you owned stock in Bounty.

22. It takes a serious tone to get their attention.

23. There's really nothing cuter.

24. They like to chew on things.

25. They wake you in the middle of the night.

26. You struggled for an inordinate amount of time to give them the perfect name.

27. When guests come over, you make them show off their best tricks ("Rufus, roll over"; "Lily, sing 'Roar'").

28. They both bite the mailman.