The Mastery of Mutts


        We might as well admit that our pets are far more intelligent than we humans are.
       Case in point: I am driving home and stop to talk to a neighbor down the street. Bebe, our wonder puppy is in our front lawn some 150 yards away and recognizes me. She hops straight up and down, doing the "bark/speak" that says, "Mama's Home!" Running to the house, Bebe calls for her wise sister Zoe, combining her "Mama's Home" bark/speak with the oft used, "C'mere! C'mere! C'mere!"  The excited version, but not the one that clearly translates into "Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel!"
         Zoe comes galloping out, while Bebe stares in my direction. While Zoe sticks her Labrador nose in the air, nostrils twitching, flaring in and out, Bebe follows with her puppy heart palpitating. 
         Telepathically, she asks her furry sister, "Am I right? Is it her?" Zoe replies, using just her grin and her tail, which is flapping like a high speed lawn sprinkler. Recognizing the international canine sign for "The Treat Giver is Coming! The Treat Giver is Coming!" The doggie duo bounds to the edge of our property and barks gleefully while I make my way into the driveway. 
          Why is it so challenging for the rest of the family to take their cue from our pets? No doubt we have rescued them a time or two.