Mix 92.9 Southern Women's Show Survival Kit

Please share with your friends who are going.

Here are some things to take, and some things to remember, to make your Southern Women's Show experience more fun!  

Comfortable shoes! (Keep in mind you may want to try on shoes while you're there, so make sure they're easy to get on and off)
A pull-behind bag on wheels or a large tote bag that's easy to carry.
Return Address labels. Use them to enter contests. All you'll have to add will be your phone number.
Water or an empty water bottle you can fill up at the show.

Cash. Some vendors don't take cards, and it'll save you an ATM fee if you have it with you, rather than having to go get cash.
Protein bar or a light snack. You won't have to stop the fun just to go eat.
Pens and a small pad. To register for prizes or to take notes about things you want to check out later.
Business cards, if you still use them. Some places let you register by dropping in a card.
Aspirin or painkiller. Someone's likely to need them.
Empty the extra stuff out of your purse or leave it locked away in your trunk. You won't want to carry that extra weight.
If you want to exchange phone numbers with someone, instead of standing there in the aisle rummaging for paper or a pen, call that person right there, on the spot, while they're still standing there, and you'll have their number, they'll have yours in the phones.
It's easy to be distracted, looking at everything, so remember common courtesy is appreciated: try not to block the aisles, don't cut in line, and say, "please" and, "thank you."
p.s. remember to look for our Mix 92.9 tent and come say, "Hi!" to us!