News 2's Allison Chinchar on Weather: Busting Myths and Life-Saving Tips

Anyone who lives in Middle Tennessee knows we can get some pretty crazy weather.  WKRN, News 2's resident weather expert, meteorologist Allison Chinchar talks about how to prepare your own "weather kit", just like you would for any other emergency.  She tells what to do if you're caught in your car during a flood or a tornado, explains why only 6 inches of water is enough to drown in and also move a vehicle, advises you to fill your bathtub with water if you anticipate a lengthy power outage, and talks about what types of buildings, and also which rooms in your house, are safest during severe weather.  She also addresses a few weather myths, like that cows can tell when it's about to rain, what exactly "black ice" is, and why grasshoppers can naturally tell the exact temperature.  You can connect with Allison on Facebook at