Oscar Prop Bets

Whether you are having an Oscar party or it's just a party for one snuggled up in your bed with your favorite jammies, it's fun to play along with "Prop Bets." If you don't know, Prop Bets are like fun side bets about the Oscars that don't involve much about who wins. For example, "Will Ellen Degeneres wear a dress at any point in the show?" You pick YES or NO. The way I have always played (as hostess) is to give a prize to the person who gets the most correct. Feel Free to Print this out:

                                      The Prop Bets of OSCAR 2014


1.) What color suit will Ellen wear at the beginning of the show?

2.) Will there be a "Wardrobe Malfunction?"  (Specify during the SHOW or on the RED CARPET.)

3.) Will anyone drop an "F Bomb?"

4.) Will anyone trip on the way to accepting their award?

5.) How many of the top acting (actor and actress, supporting and actor) award-winners will cry visibly when receiving their award?