So, 2014. Let's Do This.

Not One for New Year's Resolutions? Yeah. Me either.

Just one more thing at which I could fail miserably. No, I'm not being negative. I just think the whole idea is unrealistic. Why do we have to start something New (or END something Old) on January 1. There are 364 other perfectly good days when we may feel far more motivated. And if you do slip a bit, guess what? You can start again tomorrow. Whether it is January 11, March 17 or July 1 (But apparently it has to be on a day that starts with "1.") OR you can throw it all away and wait until NEXT January 1st. Does that make sense? I think not.                                 


That said, I do have a resolution. I am going to blog more. Try to contain your excitement.

I would love to get your feedback, ideas, notions, stories, tales, emails, etc..  Please feel free to comment, question, debate, berate, deliberate, argue with me, agree with me, YELL at me, laugh, cry, share with me, correct me, cut and paste me, paper mache me, delete me, discuss me, talk about my blog with friends, relatives, aquaintances, the UPS man, the boogie man, and yes, even my boss if you feel you must. However, it is only fair to warn you that I may express some opinions on these pages that I would not feel as comfortable sharing on the airwaves.                                                                                           

But overall, together we will venture into the lessons of life and try to find a comical side that will make us smile. When I have a new blog posted, I will link it to Facebook, just as you likely found this one.


So, Does Anyone besides my co-worker/movie freak friend Clint Redwine go to the movies at the theater anymore? Everyone says it is too expensive, but is that really the whole problem? Do you feel, as I do, that any movie you could see today, will be available in a cheaper and much more convenient format within 90 days or so.

But, what is some movie came out that was the perfect movie for you? It just wouldn't be the same to get it on Netflix three months later, would it?

Take a deep breath. Again. 

What movie do you remember seeing at the theater (or as my Kentucky-born husband says,"thee-AY-durr") that was more than just a movie? It was an experience! It changed you, if not permanently, then at least for three or four hours. Really think back to your childhood. Maybe it was before DVDs or VHS, and the movie theater was your only choice.  What was the first "family" movie you remember seeing as a child? How did it affect you? In my case, it was "Born Free" which I barely remember, except that my family insists that I had a profound reaction when the star lioness was about to be attacked. I allegedly jumped up on my seat and shreiked, "Run Elsa, Run!"


If you have kids, good for you. If you don't have kids of your own, guess what? You are still allowed to weigh in on matters of childhood. You were a child once, and on that factor alone, you qualify. And without getting political, there is a woman in Washington, D.C. with whom I often disagree, but she was right on the money, honey, when she said, "It takes a village to raise a child."

     2014 will be a year of family-friendly movies that I can't wait to see. 

Click HERE to peruse the list of the Top 15 most anticipated kids movies.

(Go ahead. I'll wait.)

Is there one (or maybe more) that you can't wait to take your kids to? That you might just go to yourself?

Angelina Jolie has two this year: "Sleeping Beauty" and "Maleficent." Are you psyched? Well, knock yourself out. Personally, you would have to pay me to see her in anything. Pay me a LOT! I have issues with her. Yeah, yeah. Don't get me started.

Nope, I will be dead center about 3/4 of the way up in the biggest, (cleanest) movie theater that will be showing "Annie." There have already been at least two movies based on the smash broadway musical, but even if this flick absolutely sucks (See? I never say "sucks" on the radio,) I will be magically transported back to the Winter Garden Theater in NYC, where I was enchanted by the original cast, the lights, the scenery, .... sigh. I have a vivid memory of meeting the cast in an ice cream parlor around the corner from the theater. It took all my nerve, I went up there and got their autographed on my Playbill.


So, enjoy the movies in 2014, they way they were intented. But choose wisely, Grasshopper.

By the way, with Cameron Diaz playing "Miss Hannigan," I think we can assume that "Annie" may very well, "suck."

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Thanks, Kim