What a day!

Today was a tough day. It was an awesome day, but a tough day none the less. Today our travel group boarded a bus and went from Nanchang to Fengcheng.

It's about a 90 minute drive to Fengcheng, but it seems like a million miles away from where we are staying. The streets are lined with rice fields and people selling sugar cane. Little children run along the sides of the small streets between school and home with no parents in sight. Cars fly past them with only inches to spare, but amazingly, the kids know what to do and no one gets hurt.

Being that far into the Far East wasn't what made the day a tough one though. It was tough because Fengcheng is where our daughter spent the last eight months of her life. It's also where she was abandoned.

Today our tour guide took us to each of the 8 locations where our daughters were abandoned. There were a lot of tears.

We found out that our daughter was left in front of the Civil Affairs Office which is directly in front of the orphanage. In a weird way it was comforting to know that our daughter's birth parents cared enough for her to make sure she was left in a public place, quick to be found, as well as a place that was built to care for her.

Even though it was a tough day, I'm glad we went. I'm sure our little girl will have questions about her heritage as she gets older. It will be nice to be able to tell her and show her all that we can.

Here we are at the front gate of the civil affairs building. Exactly 8 months ago today, a newborn Johanna and her birth mother were here.

This is the orphanage that Johanna was associated with. She was in foster care and we understand that her foster mother lives just across the street from the orphanage, so she probably saw this building almost every day.

Here is our beautiful baby girl today. We would have waited another 5 years and 2 months, or gone to 1000 Fengchengs to get her.