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Are you in a Royal Baby pool yet? Boy? Girl? Date? Weight? NAME???? It's all the rage!


May he rest in peace, After 781 straight Alabama Crimson Tide football games, Dick Coffee has died at the age of 91.

Dick Coffee's streak would have been longer, but he put off college to serve in WWII. Then, in 1946, the Alabama freshman attended the season opener against Furman. He'd go to every single Crimson Tide game played—including road games and bowl—right up through January's national title. That's 781 straight.

His high-wire walk didn't start well. Perched on a 2-inch-thick metal cable, 1,500 feet in the air, daredevil Nik Wallenda spat on his hands and wiped the soles of his moccasins. "These shoes feel slippery. There's dust on this cable," the lifelong tightrope walker said Sunday as he was just beginning his quarter-mile trek across the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon without the aid of a safety tether.

A shocking death among the Hollywood community. At just 51-years-old, James Gandolfini, best known for his role as Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, died suddenly after suffering a heart attack while on vacation with his son in Italy. He also leaves behind his wife and an eight-month-old baby. More details on his life and death HERE.

Oh My, Mr. Zesty! What a bru-ha-ha you are causing.
Question: Is the People Magazine ad offensive? (One Million Moms are encouraging people to take this action: Please send Kraft an email letter and urge them to discontinue their offensive "Let's Get Zesty"campaign immediately. Kraft has gone too far and needs to hear from you now!)

"The Voice" was crowned last night and if you missed it CLICK HERE. Are you surprised?

Clint's daughter Johanna is a riot. Over the weekend she was saying her prayers: "Thank you for Grandpa, Grandma, Jesus, my brothers, that Mommy has purple in her hair, and thank you that in the morning I'll be a frog and can do anything I want. Amen." What have YOUR kids been praying for?

I-24 EASTBOUND CLOSED DUE TO MAJOR TRAFFIC ACCIDENT: 2 dead, 7 injured in an accident that involved 8 cars and two tractor trailers. I-24 Eastbound is closed at exit 81 and should be until 7 the earliest. Bob August will have alternatives on the Mix Morning Show. Accident occurred just past midnight. More details LIVE on the Mix Morning Show.

Neil Patrick Harris is being the go-to guy when it comes to hosting awards shows. Rumor has it that he will host the next Emmy Awards. If it's anything like the Tony Awards last night, we are in for a treat!

See the Tony Awards opening here.

A man out for a walk stumbled across a lovely couple getting married last weekend in Georgia. They were in a beautiful wooded setting with about a dozen bridesmaids and groomsman taking photos, and he soon became part of every single photo. And not in the background. In fact, he may have been more center stage than the groom! Why? Because the man was John Travolta! See the whole story here.