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Have you noticed that tax filers fall into three categories: those who file in January before they even get their W-2, those who work on it diligently as April 15th looms in the near future, and finally those who wait until the last minute due to procrastination OR not wanting to give money to the government any earlier than possible. Which one are you?

The new season of Dancing with the Stars started last night and Nashville was well represented with two contestants;. Kellie Pickler and Wynonna Judd. Both did and admirable job but Kellie really wowed the judges and was by far the favorite on our Facebook page. Are you watching this season?

For those of you still looking for the Vandy student who got to play with Bill Joel, CLICK HERE.

Catholic or not, hundreds of thousands of people turned on their TVs to see who would be named Pope. The new Pope is POPE FRANCIS I from Argentina. Want to know more about him? Click HERE.

If the CAB DRIVERS of ROME have their way, the next Pope will be Cardinal O'Malley or Cardinal Dolan. Both Americans. Why? Because that means more rich American tourists and more money for them! And a sign of modern times.. will send you a text when a new Pope is named. Yup, that's a first. When the smoke goes up, you'll know what's going down at the Vatican.


Here are the TOP 5 sites that Americans surf:
1.) Facebook
2.) Google Sites (Especially You Tube)
3.) Yahoo!
4.) Microsoft
5.) AOL
Do any of these SURPRISE YOU? (Wonder where falls on this list? Hmmm. Probably 11 or 12.)

What a star-studded opening to Saturday Night Live this weekend! Justin Timberlake celebrated his fifth time hosting the show, but he didn't do it alone! Watch the video HERE.


If you have ever watched "South Park," then you know that they make lampooning celebrities. Here is the ultimate list of celebs who have faced the wrath of the "South Park" gang!

Imagine finding your 7-year-old's "Diyet" (Diet) List like this mom did. Among the foods the girl was allowing herself to eat were:
The exercises on the list included:
-"16 star jumps 2 time a day"
-"rid my bike 3 time a day"

Read the entire story HERE. Your thoughts?