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The pursuit of political correctness has led to an Easter egg hunt without Easter and perhaps without eggs. And there’s not really a hunt. Principal Lydia Davenport of Heritage Elementary School in Madison, Ala., has banned any activities related to religious holiday, in the interest, she says, of religious diversity.

CASTING CALL. April 13th at Buffalo's on 2nd Avenue. Interested? Click HERE for more information.

Nestlé has recalled four Kit Kat Chunky variants and an Easter egg after seven shoppers found pieces of plastic in the product. With just a week to go until Easter, the confectioner has recalled its Kit Kat Chunky Collection Giant Egg and 48g bars of Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter, Hazelnut, Choc Fudge and Caramel flavours. “Seven consumers have contacted us after finding small pieces of plastic in the product,” said Nestlé in a statement. ”To avoid any risk to our consumers, we have decided to voluntarily recall the entire production of these four Kit Kat Chunky varieties and the egg.

Back on February 2, That famous prognosticator Punxutawney Phil said we would have an early Spring. Well, here we are on March 25 and it is snowing! So an Ohio prosecutor indicted him for fraud over the weekend. Think it's a joke? Click HERE to see the whole story.

Will Abbie be our SINGING STAR? Will Collin? Who will get $1000 plus $1000 for their school? We'll find out Friday Morning at 6:40! Plus, Who will Win our Trip to Florida? Could be you if you voted and entered to win! Listen Friday morning and Find out!!!

Have you noticed that tax filers fall into three categories: those who file in January before they even get their W-2, those who work on it diligently as April 15th looms in the near future, and finally those who wait until the last minute due to procrastination OR not wanting to give money to the government any earlier than possible. Which one are you?

The new season of Dancing with the Stars started last night and Nashville was well represented with two contestants;. Kellie Pickler and Wynonna Judd. Both did and admirable job but Kellie really wowed the judges and was by far the favorite on our Facebook page. Are you watching this season?

For those of you still looking for the Vandy student who got to play with Bill Joel, CLICK HERE.

Catholic or not, hundreds of thousands of people turned on their TVs to see who would be named Pope. The new Pope is POPE FRANCIS I from Argentina. Want to know more about him? Click HERE.