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Norman always told Gwen she could never leave him. But after 66 years of marriage, she died. However, Norman had the last word. He collapsed at the funeral home on the day of her funeral and died instantly. While this seems like a sad story, read on HERE

Anybody just look goofy? The only one we could find was Bradley Cooper's Mom. And we CAN'T make fun of Bradley Cooper's Mom!

"Amour?" "Argo?" "Beasts of the Southern Wild?" "Django?""Les Miserables?" "Life of Pi?" "Lincoln?" "Silver Linings Playbook?" "Zero Dark Thirty?" SEE CLIPS HERE.

Want to be on one of the hottest shows on TV? "Nashville" needs extras for a concert scene they are taping tomorrow. You do have to register but it's a lot of fun! Read the rules and details HERE.

Alec Baldwin is in the news again.Are you a fan? The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force yesterday launched an investigation into Alec Baldwin’s tirade at a New York Post photographer. Detectives brought the lensman and a Post reporter to a downtown station house, where they were interviewed at length about their racially charged run-in with Baldwin outside the actor’s East Village apartment building Sunday.

Tis the season for Girl Scout Cookies! You know you want them! What kind can you not live without? What do you consider a "serving?"

Boom! A meteorite hit Russia today and it was caught on tape by several vehicles. More than 500 were hurt by flying glass caused by the impact of the meteorite hitting the ground. This is amazing to watch and it does get loud. CLICK HERE to see it. Read the latest on the story HERE.

CJ Redwine's follow-up to her debut novel DEFIANCE hits bookshelves in August. The book is called DECEPTION and you can see the cover here as well as enter to win a copy of the book.

The INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE leaders dropped wrestling from the Olympic program on Tuesday, a surprise decision that removes one of the oldest Olympic sports from the 2020 Games. The IOC board acted after reviewing the 26 sports on the current Olympic program. Eliminating one sport allows the International Olympic Committee to add a new sport to the program later this year.