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Cuteness Alert! This two-year-old knows every word that Adele sings. At least she thinks she does. Here is McKenna singing "Someone Like You." Look at her expressions, especially about halfway thru. Click HERE.

Congratulations to the 2012 MIX 92.9 SINGING STAR JOSH SMITH and BRENTWOOD H.S.They are each $1000 richer! Watch how it all happened right HERE.

To everyone who came out to Noshville for breakfast today, THANK YOU!!! You get to tell the world that today you made a difference in the life of a child. Thank you also to Gary Force Acura who helped make this happen!

WOO HOO! It all comes down to Dyllan Wilson from Centennial H.S. and Josh Smith from Brentwood H.S. Which one will be this year's Mix 92.9 Singing Star, winning $1000 for themselves and $1000 for their school? THAT IS UP TO YOU! You have until 7 pm TONIGHT to vote!  We'll announce the Winner on the air at 6:45 Monday Morning!

Have you ever heard anyone use BAD language infront of your children? Did you say anything? What did you do? This happened to Clint with his 11 year old son at a hockey game recently. Any advice for him?

Poor Marie Osmond! It seems like yesterday that she fainted during "Dancing with the Stars." Now, she may have topped that! She and Donnie are on a cruise ship doing a show. Someone asked a question that makde her laugh so hard that she literally peed in her pants, and not just a little! She was a real trooper though. She got down on her hands and knees and wiped it up, laughing the whole time!

Mix Listeners have a lot of strong opinions about the new TV show, "G.C.B."  Some think it's hysterical, while others think it is deeply offensive to Christians. There are lots of comments on our Facebook page here, or you are welcome to email us as well.

One of the funniest men alive! Steven Wright shared his unique brand of humor with Kim, Anna, & Clint. You can hear the whole conversation on our Audio Vault page. Tickets are still available to his show at the Schermerhorn next Friday, March 16.

 And then there were 7.... Everyday on the Mix 92.9 Singing Star Competition, the person with the lowest number of votes is eliminated. Today it was Brooke from Franklin High School. (Please try out next year, Brooke! You are so cool!) Vote for your favorite between 7 am and 7 pm!

Your gardener is "watering the yard" instead of using a proper facility. What do you do? Fire him? Look the other way? What do you think?