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Glee, Dallas, Hot In Cleveland, Parks And Recreation are all going away. For a full list of cancels and keeps and mid-season sweeps go here.

 House of Cards fans might find the three new original shows Netflix has to offer of interest!  Find out if you think they are binge-worthy here.

 Today is Leap Day. Here are some of the things we found being chatting about on Twitter today! Do you think Leap Day should be a federal holiday? It you are a salaried employee, you are working for free today, aren't you?

It's tradition for woman to propose on Leap Day. Any of you ladies planning to pop the question today?  

TWITTER BIRTHDAY SHOUT-OUTS - Anthony Robbins turns 52 today. Or 13 in Leap Year birthdays.   Tough guy actor Dennis Farina is 68 today.


Maria Menounos, 33.  Entertainment reporter.

Gavin DeGraw, 35. The singer is definitely on board, as rumored.

Donald Driver, 37. He's the Green Bay Packer all-time leading wide receiver.

Roshon Fegan, 20. He's a Disney Channel actor and hip hop singer.

Melissa Gilbert, 47. From Little House on the Prairie to president of the Screen Actors Guild to this.

Katherine Jenkins, 31.


Here are the winners from last night's Academy Awards.

The Artist

Jean Dujardin - The Artist

Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady

Christopher Plummer - Beginners

Octavia Spencer - The Help

Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist


Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris


Chris Brown is at it again, though he says it's not how it looks. He angrily snatched a cell phone from a fan taking his pic and drove off! Anna is worried Rihanna is acting like a classic abuse victim by staying with this guy.

Is there a snack-eating protocol in your house? On this morning's show we explored how Doug gets in a lot of trouble with his wife Julie over their family's habit of opening new bags of snack chips before old ones are finished. It drives her crazy. Doug says he should be able to eat whatever chips look good at the time.

Most women were split with some siding with Julie and some with Doug. ALL guys who called thought Doug was suicidal for recording his wife's complaints and putting them on the radio! (Anna and Clint agreed)

What TV Etiquette drives you insane? Talking ? Being ignored? Watching two shows at once? Those are just a few of the things that drive MIX listeners crazy. See our Mix facebook page and see which YOU relate to!

What DVDs are out today? Click HERE for details.

Did you see what Kevin Costner said at Whitney Houston's funeral over the weekend? It was beautiful, touching, funny, tearful and all you can imagine. Click HERE to see it. And did you know that Kevin Costner spends a lot of time in Nashville? He has his own band and will be playing at the Exit In on April 14th. Tickets are $30 in advance. Click HERE to find out more.

Our family is your family and vice-versa! Clint's Princess Johanna is almost 2 years old and everything her brother Zach does makes her laugh. THIS is a perfect example! 

Wanna check out the movies this weekend? Click HERE.

Yes, it is (was?) a real reality show! (Is that redundant?) "Princes Undercover" may have been the shortest TV reality show in history. It ran ONE episode on TLC. Three princes from rather obscure places looking for love leave their own countries where they think women only want them for their money. Videos of the show are still available on You Tube.

Actor/Comedian KEVIN JAMES visits with the Mix Morning Show today! He is doing his stand-up routine at the Ryman Auditorium on April 2. Tickets are available HERE. If you miss any part of his visit on the air this morning, you can hear it later today on our Audio Vault page.