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Congratulations to Paul from Antioch! He was a winner in the MIX MATCH GAME this morning! He won a $250 gift card to Tous R Us! Have you downloaded your game board yet? Your times to play are 6:10 am, 11:10 am and 4:10 pm. Lots of great prizes remaining!

THROW AWAY those leftovers? Already? Yup. According to Turkey is only good for three days at the most and mashed potatoes and stuffing, furgeddaboudit! They are only safe for about 24 hours!

Here's an article that sheds some light on the subject.

"I Love Butterball" is an hysterical parody of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock N Roll." We played it on the air a couple of times and got so many requests to play it again, we put it on the website so you can here it anytime you want to! CLICK HERE to get to our Audio Vault. That's where we keep the good stuff! You can't miss it. It's at the top of the page.

When is your favorite holiday show on TV?  Get the whole list  HERE.

JEFF DUNHAM is at the Bridgestone Arena Friday night! Hewas on the Mix Morning Show this morning. What a cool guy! Click HERE if you  missed him today. Too Funny!

Kind of a tough "What's That TV Tune" this week! The answer was the theme from Captain Kangaroo! Congrats to J.D. Myers of White House for guessing correctly!

Thanksgiving Jokes by kids and for kids!  Do your kids have a Thanksgiving joke they want to share?

Time to say Good-bye to Regis! This is his last week on "LIVE!" Any idea who should replace him? Here are some memories of Regis.

Jim Brickman is so much fun and so talented! Make sure you see him at the Mix 92.9 show at the Ryman on December 15. Click HERE for tickets.

Angels on the Air has officially started! Thanks to everyone who has already adopted an Angel or two.... or 75!!! Click HERE to find out more about adopting an angel, or call us anytime at 737-0929.