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Do you say "God bless you" when your pet sneezes? MIX  92.9 listerners overwhelmingly say "YES!" You can chime in on our Facebook page here.

Another bookstore is closing. Why? Do you go to bookstores often? Or buy all your books on the Internet? Do you read paper books, or are you all e-books now?

Have you ever seen someone doing something really gusty and thought “I wish I had done that!”…. Well, our Girl Anna was the woman to be yesterday. She walked out of a doctors office when they insisted she give them her social security. Why do they "have to" have it? Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. Is there any other way for the medical community to keep track of us?

This week on "Jeopardy!" live human contestants are taking on "Watson" the IBM computer. Who do you think will win? Is it fair?

Clint's Annual Valentine's Day dinner was amazing as usual. Five guys making a multi-course meal for their wives! And WOW!  What a dinner! See the Menu below:

Are you excited about Valentine's Day? Or are you dreading it?  Whether you are in a special relationship or not, it seems like an awful lot of pressure. Do you have a routine for Valentine's Day?

There are Wardrobe Malfunctions every day in real life. What's the funniest or most embarrassing one you have seen OR been a part of?

How long did it take you to drive home in the snow?

There weren't too many cars on the road at 4:00 am, but it was crazy slippery!

Are potholes making your commute miserable? Report them by calling the Tn. Pothole Hotline at 615-862-8750, or report online HERE. If potholes damage your vehicle you can file a claim to be reimbursed your repair money by calling the Tennessee Claims Department at 615-862-6341 or clicking HERE.

Is there really an Oscar Curse... You decide. Look at THIS LIST of Best Actress winners who have had their relationships end shortly after winning!

Can you imagine a Cell Phone Tower appearing in your front yard overnight? It happened to THIS family!

If you have Teenagers, you need to watch THIS!

Awww! Nothing cuter than a brand new puppy. Anna helped  this one come into the world! Have you ever watched puppies or kittens being born?

If you are going to sing the National Anthem in front of the whole world, should you know the words? Christina Aquilera should have sung, "O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming," but instead went with THIS.

Super Bowl Sunday!  Even if you are NOT a football fan, it's hard to avoid it. There are several ways to get into the fun. Check out the Super Bowl link on our Website Wednesday page.

Also, here is something fun: Have a contest with your family and friends. For Example, have a quiz like this one. Whoever gets the most points, wins a prize.

1.) Who will win the COIN TOSS?