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Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble talking about this odd thing called, "Internet" back in 1994.

When will they learn to bottle Static Electricity? You can’t walk three feet with shocking yourself these days. Sure, you almost expect to get shocked by the appliances, anything metal, but what stuff has shocked you that really surprised you? A blanket? A pet? Your family?

Where were you 25 years ago today? Today is the 25th Anniversary of the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Do kids even learn about this in school? If not, feel free to tell them about it. Here's some information that may be helpful.

Do you know anyone who Auditioned for "American Idol?" THIS THURSDAY on "A.I." The producers say the turnout in Nashville was one of the highest in history!

Have you played the Mix 92.9 Movie Mash-Up Game? Every Friday, we play clips from two different movies and you tell us how they fit together into one title. Here are some examples:

"Charlie's Angels in the Outfield"

"The Dark Knight at the Museum"

"The Empire Strikes Back to the Future"

Have you seen this woman who fell into the fountain while texting? She has now hired a lawyer. What you do you think? Does she have a case?

"American Idol" is back tonight! Are you planning to watch? And WHO in the world is the fifth person in this AI press photo?

Can you BELIEVE this ICY HILL?

Is it stealing to take pictures inside books and magazine so you don’t have to BUY them? There's a moral dilemma faced by people who use their camera phones to copy pages out of books at the bookstore without buying them. They say you could look at this as the same as ripping pages out of the books or using a hand-held photocopier, and that there might be copyright issues. 

Do you realize that Kids have been IN school about 5 out of the last 31 days?

If you missed the Golden Globe Awards last night, here are the winners and nominees.

Ricky Gervais was the emcee for the evening. His monologue can be seen in it entirety here.

Here is a list of places you may not have thought of for GERMS, but they are there and it is real.