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It's the last week of 2010... Did you do what you planned? Is it too late now?

You know those newsy Christmas letters that people send out? Have you ever actually checked them for accuracy?

Congratulations to Trudie Dinkins of Gallatin! It's not often someone local wins the Publishers Clearinghouse!

Playboy king Hugh Hefner is marrying someone young enough to be his GREAT-GRANDAUGHTER!  Ewww? Or True love? Your thoughts?

Please remember our troops serving away from home during this holiday season. We are honored to have a reporter representing Mix 92.9 in Afghanistan to let the troops send messages back home to their families here in Middle Tennessee. Thank you to all the military families who are sacrificing time with their loved one. God Bless You All!

Click HERE to hear "Bring Him Home, Santa"

What are the EASIEST Christmas cookies to make? Do you have a recipe you want to share?

Doctors are now recommending that kids who go sledding should wear helmets.  Good idea? Or enough already! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Are you looking for a gift that has some meaning? Here's an opportunity to find gifts that support various causes including Breast Cancer Research, Children's Hospitals, etc.

What is this stuff in the yard that looks like white trash bags? It's spun snow!  And one man's Ice Trash is another man's treasure. It looks a little like that Chihuly glass display! Technically, it's called "Hoar Frost" according smart Mix listeners!

Are your Kids making Cards yet? There are plenty of elderly people in nursing homes all over middle Tennessee who need to feel loved this holiday season. Click HERE to find out more about Cards from Kids.

The President is on "Mythbusters" tonight.  Why? Click here  to find out.

Baby got days and nights confused? Mix Moms say flip 'em over! Several Mix listeners called to say if you sit them on the floor, pick them up by their feet and make them do a backwards somersault. Just once. That's all it takes. Really?

Who am I supposed to TIP this Christmas? How much? Does it have to be cash? Click here for the details from a new Consumer Reports 2010 Survey.