Website Wednesdays

From Around The Internet...

By the middle of the week, you may need a break! Check here for some websites that may keep you entertained for a little while!  

Find YOUR fall fun on THIS NEW SITE. Includes a contest to win a hotel stay, shopping and passes to attractions. Also Fall Fairs, Festivals, Mazes and pumpkin patches and the weekly Leaf Color Report. 
See Ms. Cheap's Guide to Fall HERE for lots of FREE events.
Explore Pigeon Forge

You think you know where all 50 states are? REALLY? Give it a shot HERE. And if you conquer that, try CITIES of the United States, then CITIES of Europe? What's your high score? See how your kids do? Or play along with your co-workers!

Our Website Wednesday link today is
Includes the daily schedules for the food trucks, so you'll know when they're near you, and it's got links to all of them, and a list of links to Nashville food blogs.
It's Foodie Heaven!


Photofunia lets you swap the face on one photo with the face on another one.

Crooks taping papers to your windshield, sick kids collecting business cards and microsoft paying you to forward e-mails, all are UNTRUE! Tell your friends and family about Check the validity of rumors, find Weird Daily News, giant cats and more.

What's your Blues Name? Find the names associated with the first letters of your first, middle and last names, and you have it! Check the chart, find your name, and have fun! 

Bon Appetit! If you love food, it's an AWESOME website! Especially since right now it's about some of the best food places in Nashville (Prince's Hot chicken, Arnold's country cooking). It also has recipes, including the Macaroni and Cheese from Arnolds, and features like the top 10 best cooking apps, and 11 ways to cook short-ribs. It'll make your mouth water!

Today's Website Wednesday Idea comes from Mix 92.9 listener Martha, who's heard people call us "Trashville," or "Nastyville," because there's so much trash on Tennessee roads. YOU can help stop it, by jotting down car tag numbers and descriptions of litterers' cars, and the state will send them a letter reminding them of the consequences. or toll-free 1-877-8-LITTER.

Everyone needs someone to look up to. How about martial arts hero Chuck Norris? Have a laugh today with some of the funniest Chuck Norris jokes.